Reader Projects

Reader Projects 2014

On this second last day of the year, I would like to share what some of my readers have created, using printables or inspiration from Wings of Whimsy! I know I said at the beginning of the year that I’d make Reader Features more regular, but I did not manage to follow up on that in 2014. I did however save a few links and images of things created as a result of inspiration found on WoW, so here goes (most of the images are clickable, and will take you to these readers sites, presenting their wonderful work):

Barbara in Florida, USA created these amazing pennants with my French Cherubs and the Walter Crane Cherubs as background paper:Wings of Whimsy: Cherub Pennants by Barbara, Florida, USA - Reader Feature

Ingeborg in Holland made the pretties tags with a couple of the Valentine Hearts:Ingeborg also made a Crazy Quilt with one of my Victorian Ladies:

And finally Ingeborg made this beautiful album page for a Friendship book with one of my Valentine Cherubs:

Paper art Angel message page for the friendship book

Maryann and her 4 granddaughters in Denmark have probably worked their way through most of my printables and crafts this year, but as far as I know Maryann only shared images of one of the completed projects, Easter Eggs for her granddaughters. For this project she used both my Easter Tags, my Easter Bunny Tags, and my Easter Children Scraps:

Reader Projects 2014 | Wings of Whimsy

 Alexandra in Portugal used my Catherine Klein Pink Roses for these lovely Spring and Easter collages:

Dodo in France used a Valentine Heart to decorate a darling jar pin cushion:

Reader Projects 2014 | Wings of Whimsy

Irene in Arkansas, USA used my Fisher Girls for her Tart Tin Ornaments:

Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014

Margie in England used my Sleigh Ride Children for one of her Tart Tin Ornaments:

Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014

Dianne in Minnesota, USA created her own version of the Christmas trees, using my template with bingo number trunks and poker chip bases added:

Reader Projects 2014 | Wings of Whimsy

Sil in Holland made Gift Envelopes decorated with my Oval Christmas Angels:

Reader Projects 2014 | Wings of Whimsy

Sil also made a big pile of Christmas Crackers with her own twist:

Reader Projects 2014 | Wings of Whimsy

And she used the crackers with the Christmas Wax Seals for her Christmas Dinner table:

Reader Projects 2014 | Wings of Whimsy

Amelia in South Africa made a gorgeous Christmas Ornament with my Sweet Christmas Cherubs:


Amelia even even assigned me with my own tag “Wings of Whimsy”, up there with “Tim Holz”, “Spellbinders” and “Marianne Design” – that’s pretty kewl! I love it 😀 I hope Amelia will find plenty of graphics here on WoW in the future, so my tag can grow 😀

Amelia might not remember this, but this creation of hers also has a small WoW-element, the little Walter Crane Cherubs up in the right corner:


I want to thank each and everyone one of you for seeing the potential in what I have shared here on WoW, downloading and making it your own! And don’t forget to send me images of your projects when you create somenthing, I always enjoy seeing your work, and I’ll share it here (eventually) if you’ll allow me to!

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4 thoughts on “Reader Projects 2014

  1. Just love to see all these wonderful creations. Thanks again for all the inspiration Gunnvor and hope to see a lot more in 2015. I wish you and all your followers a wonderful, healthy and creative 2015. Love from the Netherlands xx

  2. Beautiful eye candy and thanks for sharing this Gunnvor. Without your stunning images it won’t be possible to make such beautiful creations. I love your images and the Wings of Whimsy tag will definitely grow on my blog! Thank you so much for sharing your passion and I wish you all good health, peace and fulfillment in the coming year.
    Hugs form South Africa,

    1. Awww, thank you so much Amelia 🙂 I wish you a fabulous 2015 too, and hope to see you around! Your welcoming e-mail as a new follower just went out, check it out to see all the graphics I have added to the Exclusive folder too 😉 xoxoxo

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