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Valentine Sweethearts – Part VI

My Grandpa Ola was the oldest son home on the Bakke farm. Some of you might remember his sisters Ingeborg and Lise who emigrated to America in the 1880s. You have also met his parents Nils and Helga before. For Nils and Helga's 1898 wedding picture I have chosen a beautiful album mat with little… Continue reading Valentine Sweethearts – Part VI

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Valentine Sweethearts – Part V

The daughter of Nils and Brite was my highly beloved Grandma, Oddny! She married my Grandpa Ola in 1937. For their wedding photo I have chosen a wonderful Forget-Me-Not album mat, since they were one of my Grandmother's favorite flowers. She loved a lot of flowers, but the tiny, yet abundant Forget-Me -Not always had… Continue reading Valentine Sweethearts – Part V

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Valentine Sweethearts – Part IV

Those of you who were around last spring have already met this pair of my Great-Grandparents, Nils and Brite, who married in 1908. My paternal Grandmother was born in 1909 and her photo was taken in 1910, HERE. For Valentine I have added a romantic apple blossom album mat to their wedding photo: Such sweet… Continue reading Valentine Sweethearts – Part IV

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Valentine Sweethearts – Part II

Another pair of my Great-Great Grandparents! My Grandmother always had the picture of my Great-Great Grandfather Amund (her Grandfather), but only this summer did I come across a picture of my Great-Great Grandmother Ingeborg, and for the first time see what she looked like. Amund and Ingeborg were married in 1879. Today is the first… Continue reading Valentine Sweethearts – Part II

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Valentine Sweethearts – Part I

My Valentine Project 2015 is taking form. This year I am going to combine my interest for genealogy with making a cute display for the Valentine celebration. I am going to put all my ancestors in romantic vintage frames: The first two frames in my Valentine set up are two pairs of my Great-Great Grandparents!… Continue reading Valentine Sweethearts – Part I

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Belle Époque Photographer Petrine Wiik

My friend Grethe's grandmother was a photographer. Even though formally she was only recognized as a photographers assistant, she was indeed conducting her own photography assignments. My friend gave me the entire collection of her digitalized photo's from around the turn of the century, to see if I could use them for something creative! Meet Petrine… Continue reading Belle Époque Photographer Petrine Wiik

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Sailing Cherubs 2,5″ Tags

Here's the last of my 2,5" tags sheets (for now), and it's the lightest pastel colors of them all, my salesman sample (large!) calling cards Sailing Cherubs: Since size always matters, follow my convenient conversion chart to size your print out to your punches or to the project where you want to use these:  Find your high quality… Continue reading Sailing Cherubs 2,5″ Tags