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French Cherubs 2,5″ Tags

Why is it when I start something, I always have to do a few…? I’m like a kid who enjoys lego/barbie/trains, I keep needing more to play with…lol So here’s the next set of 2,5″ tags, this time a complete set with my adorable French Musical Cherubs:

Wings of Whimsy: French Musicla Cherubs 2,5" Tags #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #cherub #valentine #tag

And here is a repetition of my conversions, if you missed the original post:

If you have a 2,5″ punch, these are ready in 2 minutes 😉 Maybe you have a circular punch, but smaller? I applied some simple math, and came up with the following

Conversion Table:

  • Print 100% – 2,5″ tags
  • Print 80% – 2″ tags
  • Print 70% – 1 3/4″ tags
  • Print 60% – 1,5″ tags
  • Print 50% – 1 1/4″ tags
  • Print 40% – 1″ tags
  • Print 30% – 3/4″ tags

TIP 1: When I reduce the print size to 70%, my printer will fit 2 pages on the same A4 sheet = 24 tags per sheet

TIP 2: When I reduce the print size to 50% or less, my printer will fit 4 pages on the same A4 sheet = 48 tags per sheet

TIP 3: When I reduce the print size to 30%, my printer will fit 6 pages on the same A4 sheet = 72 tags per sheet

These conversions let you adjust my circular tags to fit several of the standard punches, that I’m sure many of you already have 🙂

Find your high quality copy in the download folder, free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂

Download Printable

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I have used elements from the following sources for these designs:

Cherub Postcards “French Musical Cherubs” – Wings of Whimsy

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8 thoughts on “French Cherubs 2,5″ Tags

  1. WOUW thanks sooo much again for all these both todays and yesterdays too, they´re sooo beautiful. And also a big thanks for the printing convertions too,, it´ll be a great help later on. As you know, I´m totally useless when it comes to computerstuff, so it was a wonderful surprise to find these and will save me lots of troubles, when I´m printing them out, so thanks for doing all the hard work on that too, I definitely apreciate that very much.
    Have a wonderful sunday sweet lady and lots of great fun.

    1. Thank you Darling 🙂 I’m so happy I could share something that I have not seen elsewhere, and I was very happy myself when I thought of conversions, since I have always just winged the printing and ended up with too small circles, or having to punch too much of the images away… Now we can all enjoy converting into precicesly the sizes we want! Size always matter…lol!!! I wish you a fun Sunday too 😀 xoxoxo

      PS Your magazines have arrived, I just need to go the post office on Monday to pick them up 😀

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