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Valentine Love 2,5″ Tags

Today’s sheet with 2,5″ circle tags has plenty of pretty hearts and gorgeous flowers. And indeed: Cherubs 🙂 I called it Valentine Love:

Wings of Whimsy: Valentine Love 2,5" Tags #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #cherub #valentine #tag

Since size always matters, follow my convenient conversion chart to size your print out to your punches or to the project where you want to use these: 

Wings of Whimsy: Circle Print Conversion Chart #diy

Find your high quality copy of the file in the download folder, free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂

Download Printable

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I have used elements from the following sources for these designs:

Cherub Postcards “French Musical Cherubs” – Wings of Whimsy

Cherub Postcard “Love Messages” – Wings of Whimsy

Cherub Postcards – “Cherub Hearts” – Wings of Whimsy

Cherub Postcards – “Cherub Flirts” – Wings of Whimsy

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8 thoughts on “Valentine Love 2,5″ Tags

  1. Thank you so much for all the darling Valentine treasures! I’m enjoying using them in my Love Day creations! I’m a new follower and I love reading your posts!

  2. More cuties, you´re really spoiling us with choises here with all these sweetie. I love them all, and wish I could think of some project, where I could simply use them all for, but guess it´ll be quite a lot in one project thoug, but that way I wouldn´t have to choose just some ha ha ha.
    Great news, that you didn´t have to get a new keyboard too. Always great, when we find out, that we can save some money isn´t it? And there´s always more fun things to spend them for than electronics, but it´s hard to be without thoug ha ha ha.
    Have a great day and lots of fun today.

  3. Print TWO copies of each sheet in a size that fits your punches, punch them all out and glue the same circles together back to back with string in the middle, and you have an instant cherub garland that you can string up zig-zag under the ceiling for valentine, or why not use it from corner to corner of your room, and craft a lovely centerpiece, tent style? lol Myself I’m a bit of a gadget geek, I love my tools and enjoy testing new uses. And when I can, I try to share my digital endeavors with everyone, hoping I can contribute to making things easier for someone else too…lol Next on my wishlist is a 3D printer. They say it’s the new superpower…hehehe!

    1. Ha ha ha Then you´ll go perfect with hubby, who´s also a complete geek, when it comes to all kinds of gadgets, and he often can´t understand me, when I say no to get some of all his crazy things ha ha, If he could decide I would havae all kinds of weitrd things, I wouldn´t have any idea of, how to use ha ha ha. He alwaays have some ideas for, how most things can be done different, if I just would let him install this or that, but I´m definitely NOT technical at all, and just can´t remember how to use all these weird things next time anyway, so I leave all that to him. But it´s pretty nice, when somethings goes wrong with my computer or something like that, cause then I just need to yell loud enough and he´ll soon be here to fix it he he he.
      So I´m sure, he would love to investigate about a 3D printer with you and try it out. Probably a bigger problem would be for you to get on it for him then ha ha ha

  4. Hei Karita!

    Jeg vil gjerne si TUSEN TAKK for den bloggen din! Jeg ofte leser på de og elsker bloggen din. Du gir så mye inspirasjon! Jeg får mange ideer og godt humør, når leser på Wings of Whimsy. Vintage postkort, bilder av kjeruber, hjerter, lykkelige barn, blomster er sjelen min 🙂

    Jeg ønsker deg og din familie MYE LYKKE og suksess og ønsker deg at alle drømmene dine skal alltid gå i oppfyllelse 🙂

    Unnskyld for feiler, jeg er ikke norsk og lærte språket på bare 1 år…


    1. Hei Alisa 🙂

      Det er veldig hyggelig å høre at du liker siden min 🙂 Jeg elsker kjeruber, hjerter og roser, og aller helst vintage stil! Jeg er meget imponert over at du skriver så bra norsk etter bare ett år 🙂 Tusen takk for så fin kommentar, det setter jeg meget pris på. Mange gode hilsener til deg og din familie også! xoxoxo

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