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Valentine Sweethearts – Part V

The daughter of Nils and Brite was my highly beloved Grandma, Oddny! She married my Grandpa Ola in 1937. For their wedding photo I have chosen a wonderful Forget-Me-Not album mat, since they were one of my Grandmother’s favorite flowers. She loved a lot of flowers, but the tiny, yet abundant Forget-Me -Not always had a special place in her heart:

Wings of Whimsy: Die Cut Forget Me Not Album Mat #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #valentine

The 30ies were hard times in rural Norway, and my Grandfather had to work as a carpenter far away from home, to afford building a home on the farm, in order to have something to offer a wife. So my Grandparents were in a long distance relationship for years, before they could finally get married. I have some of the love letter they wrote each other, and they are so romantic and beautiful!

Here is a sneak peek of my Valentine project, with the romantic images of my ancestors:

Wings of Whimsy: Die Cut Forget Me Not Album Mat #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #valentine

The vintage silver plate trinket/jewelry boxes belonged to my Grandma, so of course they are in front of her picture 😀 I now keep some of the love letters in the large box.

I am adding my photos digitally, then printing the finished image on matte photo paper (Canon 170g matte photo paper). I then glue the image onto thin cardboard (cereal box) with spray glue, before I cut it out. After cutting I also distress and ink the edges and corners, for a vintage, worn look. This makes for a nice and stiff image, that I can hang, erect with an easel or even just lean agains something (similar to cabinet cards).

The font is Snell Roundhand Black, it came with my latest Photoshop update. You might be able to find a similar font for free if you search for free fonts.

Here is a low resolution preview of the ready to print frame. Print it out and and the picture manually, or use the PNG-file (transparent background) to add pictures digitally:

Wings of Whimsy: Die Cut Forget Me Not Album Mat #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #valentine

Find your high quality copy of the file in the download folder, free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂

Download Printable


I also decided to add a family tree to my project, the tree I have used is neither vintage nor free, but if you want to buy it you can find it HERE:


I have marked the people we have already covered with hearts, including todays main persons Oddny and Ola. 

The family tree only covers 3 generations before me, plus myself and my daughters. The main reason is that I know a lot about the family on my fathers side, since they all basically lived in my hometown Hornindal, or very close, and also all photos have been collected on the farm over the years, so it is possible to cover them fairly well. However, on my mothers side, I know a lot less, I don’t even have proper pictures of two of my Great-Grandparents, thus that side will stop with Great-Grandparents. So all my Great-Great-Grandparents and my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather I have introduced are all on my fathers side, and not included on the chart.

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I have used elements from the following sources for these design:

Forget Me Not Photo Mat – Sofi on Flickr

Winged Heart – The Old Design Shop

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7 thoughts on “Valentine Sweethearts – Part V

  1. Reblogged this on Three Little Kittens and commented:
    Hi, I want to share a lovely post from another blog that I follow, Wings of Whimsey. Gunnvor Karita shares some wonderful pieces of ephemera and right now she has been sharing some beautiful vintage album mats along with her family history. I hope you take some time to browse through her posts.


    1. Thank you for reblogging Hunny 🙂 I could not open the post, though, maybe I’m doing something wrong? Also there will be more mats coming, I have saved the best for last 😉 xoxoxo

  2. Thanks sooo very much for these beautiful projects here both today and yesterday. I just sooo love these small Forget me Nots here on thisone, but also yesterdays frames are soo beautiful sweet lady. You are sooo talented to always make these things look like a million. And it´s been sooo facinating to follow your family story here too, it´s almost like I´ve known them myself by now.
    I hope, all 3 of you will have a wonderful week-end now filled with lots of joy and fun.

    1. Sweetie, I’m sure I’ll be boring all of you by the time I finish nagging about my family…lol! But I have enjoyed so much doing the genealogy research, and I am so, so pleased with using their pictures for a romantic Valentine’s Day display! I am definitely going to make room on my walls for hanging these permanently! And at least there are some freebies for you to download… hehehe! I hope you are having a great weekend too, and maybe get to craft a little too 😀 xoxoxo

  3. Thank you for sharing your precious family stories. How wonderful that you are the historian in your family. I appreciate your posts.

    1. Thank you Dear! The last posts in this series (coming up in the next few days) will reveal a little of the reason why I have become the historian…:-P I am very happy that you are enjoying my little story 🙂 xoxoxo

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