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Valentine Sweethearts – Part VII

While I know quite a lot about my paternal family, I know very little of my maternal family. My mother travelled far from her hometown Trondheim, coming to our area to train as a seamstress. And she never left, since she met my father and got married. Trondheim is only about 8 hours away today, it was a much longer journey before modern roads and modern cars! I know that my mother grew up in the inner city of Trondheim. I also know that her grandfather Aldolf Margido was a chaufeur, from the 1910 census. Being a chafeur at the time was a very respectable job, since cars were very scarce. He was making a decent living for himself and his family. I do not know much about him or his wife Peggy Eugenie, but I know they married around 1916, and had 7 children.

Wings of Whimsy: French Blossoms Frame #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #valentine

I am adding my photos digitally, then printing the finished image on matte photo paper (Canon 170g matte photo paper). I then glue the image onto thin cardboard (cereal box) with spray glue, before I cut it out. After cutting I also distress and ink the edges and corners, for a vintage, worn look. This makes for a nice and stiff image, that I can hang, erect with an easel or even just lean agains something (similar to cabinet cards).

The font is Snell Roundhand Black, it came with my latest Photoshop update. You might be able to find a similar font for free if you search for free fonts.

Here is a low resolution preview of the ready to print frame. Print it out and add the picture manually, or use the PNG-file (transparent background) to add pictures digitally:

Wings of Whimsy: French Blossoms Frame #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #valentine

Find your high quality copy of the file in the download folder, free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂

Download PrintableI have also added a family tree to my project, the tree I have used is neither vintage nor free, but if you want to buy it you can find it HERE:

Wings of Whimsy: My Family Tree Chart

I have marked the people we have covered so far with hearts, including todays main persons Peggy and Adolf. 

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I have used elements from the following sources for these design:

French Blossom Menu Frame – The Graphics Fairy

Winged Heart – The Old Design Shop

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6 thoughts on “Valentine Sweethearts – Part VII

    1. Hello Darling 🙂

      Eugenie is a very rare name in Norway! My guess is they had some foreign inspiration when they chose it, much like my father chose Karita for me, which is originally a Finnish name.

      The summer before I was born, a young Finnish couple showed up at the Bakke farm, and asked if they could be allowed to camp on my parents land down by the river. Apparently they liked it so much, they ended up staying for two weeks, helping out on the farm, and I’m sure having some wonderful evenings together by the campfire. Their names were Peer and Karita. But the local minister did not agree that my parents could give their daughter a foreign name, so they had to return to the name intended for me, Gunnvor. However my father did not know how to spell it, when the minister asked, so I’m using Gunnvor with double n’s while my grandmother has the more common spelling Gunvor with one n. In the last minute the minister agreed to let me have Karita as a secondary first name, like you would name someone Mary Sue 🙂

      I wish I had thought of using Eugenie when my daughters were born, it really is such a beautiful and special name! But then my daughters also got their names for important reasons. Guro is the 5th oldest girl in a row given a first name starting with G, and Torunn is named after her other grandmother. I would have needed a third daughter to consider Eugenie… and I never got around to that…lol!! xoxoxo

  1. I love your valentine series. It has inspired me to find photos of my extended family. I thin I will do the series in sepia since some of them will be color. Thank you for all your hard work. I love having a morning email from you each day.
    Brenda in Wyoming

    1. Awww, thank you so much for such a lovely comment Brenda 🙂 You might have noticed that I am slowly working my way towards present times, and I can reveal that the newes images will be in colors! I considered doing sepia too, but I was surprised to see that they also look really nice in colors. So when you start framing your relatives, I suggest you experiment with both alternatives, you might be surprised with what you end up with 😉 xoxoxo

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