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Victorian Winter Girls Large Tags

My girls have had a week of winter vacation from school this week, and I had to work. So I’ve been spending the afternoons and evenings with them, trying to make up for us not having a real vacation. My studio and WoW has been almost abandoned this week…lol! But not quite, here is a set of tags I made with Victorian scraps:

Wings of Whimsy: Victorian Winter Girls Large Tags #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #girls # scraps

I’m very sorry about getting backlogged with your messages this week, I’ll sit down and answer everything later this weekend :-O


  1. Print the sheet onto matte photo paper (I use 170g paper) or cardstock
  2. Glue the sheet to thin cardboard, I use a cereal box and spray glue, let dry.
  3. Cut out the individual tags.
  4. (Optional: ink the edges of each leaf for a more vintage look)
  5. Punch holes and tie the tags with a piece of silk ribbon.
  6. TADAH: Cute Victorian Winter Girls 🙂

I’m thinking these tags would also be very nice as bookmarks.

Find your high quality copy in the download folder, free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂

Download Printable

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5 thoughts on “Victorian Winter Girls Large Tags

  1. Oh my goodness these are soooooooooo cute and sooooooo beautiful. I really really love these very much sweetie, and I can see tons of uses for these too.
    Please don´t feel bad for spending the holiday with your girls, as we all have much else to do too than be on the computer, and that´s also okay, and ofcause your girls will and should always come first, and we can also see, that there´s been many more, who´s been busy lately, as there hasn´t been many comments aywhere the last week, so I´m sure, you´re not the only one sweetie. Unfortunately I´ve been down with a really bad pneumonia all the last week, and it´s still not over yet, so even my girls have also had their winterholiday this week, I wasn´t able to havae them this time, and I really think, that´s the first year ever, it has happened, so they weren´t too happy with me, I can tell, until I promissed them, that we would take a trip to Legoland this summer, as I had just got a good offer from them in my mail, then I think they lightened up again ha ha ha. Amazing what a bit of bribery can do sometimes, especially with kids ha ha ha.
    But I hope, you all have a wonderful week now and lots of great fun.

    1. Did I hear Legoland? Don’t forget we want to go too…lol! I hope to be able to sort very soon what weeks my girls will be spending with the father, thus I can start planning our trip. I have decided that we will drive, I can’t imagine visiting with only my suitcase…lol! Maybe another time, but this time we really want to take the car. We might then spend 2 days driving to Oslo, since it really is a bit further than I appreciate driving in one stretch, and the same on the way back. Since I only have a job to the end of June (as of yet) we’ll definitely not be coming before the beginning of July. My girls are making so many plans for the trip, one should think they are moving to Denmark…hahaha! xoxoxo

      1. HA ha ha ha your girls almost sounds like mine about this ha ha ha. Yes I have saved the offer, as it was also the big hit with the girls, and July sounds perfect too, as we´ll all have good time in July. Only hubby might have to work some of it, but that´s the price to pay for the trip now, and he haven´t had much summer vacation the last 3 years, as there´s always someone needed at his work, and as we don´t have kids home anymore, we agreed,. that those who did, ofcause had to get theris with them, and then we can take it any other time, so that´s not a problem at all. And as they´re pretty great when we need some time like now for the US, we´re ofcause also flexible the other way around. So we´ll make the trip to Legoland, when you´re here, no worries, you can promisse your girls, that we´ll go ha ha ha.

  2. Hello Gunnvor
    What a beautiful website I love all the beautiful projects and vintage printables. I’m. Danielle and from the USA we are the same age and I had to join so pretty and thanks for all your hard work and dedication. These girls are simply lovely and I’m going to make a set for my mother and I. I love paper crafts and am an avid photographer and scrapbooker. I have had the privilege of wandering the cobblestone streets of Paris marveling at the beautiful archectecture and most fun of all going through the old Shoppes in search of vintage pieces valentines , ornaments, trinkets to take home with me and use in my memory books/journals as I write of my adventures abroad.
    Thanks again

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