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Antique Seed Catalog Reinvented – 1901 Childs’ Frame

I’m becoming more and more infatuated both with the Petrine Wiik Collection AND with seed catalogs 🙂 They both feature such rich history! So here is another catalog page made into a frame, modeled by another of the wonderful Petrine Wiik photos:

Wings of Whimsy: 1901 Childs' Frame #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #frame #seed #catalog #gardenThe photo I used is another one from the Petrine Wiik collection, the waterfall in the background, the wooden platforms close to it, and the fishing rods reveals that this is a party fishing for salmon, a very popular high-end activity in Norway around the turn of the century (it still is, for those so inclined…):

Wings of Whimsy: Petrine Wiik Collection #vintage #ephemera #photo #petrine #wiik #collection #freebie

And here is a low resolution preview of the Geranium frame:

Wings of Whimsy: 1901 Childs' Frame PNG (transparent background) #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #frame #seed #catalog #garden

And finally a preview of the original Childs’ seed catalog page I used to create this frame:

Wings of Whimsy: 1901 Childs' Seed Catalog #vintage #ephemera

Find your high quality copies in the download folder, free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂

Download Printable

The Petrine Wiik Photography Collection can be found here:

Wings of Whimsy: Petrine Wiik Photography Collection #vintage #photo #freebie #printable #petrine #wiik #collection

Would you like to have this frame with YOUR personal image and text, and don’t know how to add it digitally? I’ll be adding that option to my ETSY shop shortly, so please visit:

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I used elements from the following sources for these designs: 

1901 Childs’ Seed Catalog – Biodiversity Heritage Library

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4 thoughts on “Antique Seed Catalog Reinvented – 1901 Childs’ Frame

  1. WOUW thanks so much for these too sweetie. They´re really cool, I love all these seedcatalogs here as frames, and would love to use them all in a minialbum, as soon as I can get to it LOL.But as you know, I unfortunately has got pretty far behind here again, but I´ll get there eventually, I´m sure. And what I don´t reach now, I will at a later time, I´m sure, so I just keep saving them all so I have them rdeady, when Iget to it ha ha ha.
    Thanks sooo much again and you have a wonderful day and lots of fun, and I´ll send you a private mail here next week, but I´ll be busy over the week-end, and have a friend comming in here tomorrow, that I need to help with some small projects, but nmext week, I´ll get back to you, I promisse.

    1. Thank you Darling 🙂 I’m thinking to make an A4 size album with mine 😀 printed and glued onto cereal box cardboard, I think it will be fabulous 😀 Have a great weekend, and lots of creative quality time with your friend 😀 xoxoxo

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