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Antique Seed Catalog Reinvented – 1900 Henderson’s Frame

Here is a little secret: I hope to turn the Petrine Wiik Photography Collection into a really special album for my friend Grethe. Hush, don’t tell her, I hope to keep it a surprise…lol Counting on her not reading this…:-P

To do that I decided I need a front page, and I chose this 1900 Henderson’s page with gorgeous roses:

Wings of Whimsy: 1900 Henderson Frame Petrine Wiik Collection #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #frame #seed  #catalog #petrine #wiik #collection

Here is the lovely portrait of Petrine Wiik I used for this page:

Wings of Whimsy: Petrine Wiik Collection #vintage #ephemera #photo #petrine #wiik #collection #freebie

I also decided to gather all the photos from the Petrine Wiik Collection I’m sharing here in a special folder, so I made a badge for that too, utilizing a 1910 Henderson’s Seed Catalog Page:

Wings of Whimsy: Petrine Wiik Photography Collection #vintage #photo #freebie #printable #petrine #wiik #collection

Everytime I use a new photo from her collection, I will use this badge. I’ll make it clickable ( you can test it now!) for easy access to all Petrine Wiik images I have shared so far!

And here is a low resolution preview of the frame:

Wings of Whimsy: 1900 Henderson Frame Petrine PNG-file (transparent background) #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #frame #seed  #catalog

And a preview of the original 1900 Henderson’s seed catalog page I used to create this frame:

Wings of Whimsy: 1900 Henderson's Seed Catalog #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #seed #catalog #garden

Find your high quality copies in the download folder, free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂

Download Printable

Would you like to have this frame with YOUR personal image and text, and don’t know how to add it digitally? I’ll be adding that option to my ETSY shop shortly, so please visit:

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I used elements from the following sources for these designs: 

1900 Seed Catalog – Biodiversity Heritage Library

1910 Seed Catalog – Biodiversity Heritage Library

1916 Conley Camera – The Old Design Shop

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3 thoughts on “Antique Seed Catalog Reinvented – 1900 Henderson’s Frame

  1. WAUW this is sooooo soo beautiful. These roses here are simply amazing sweetie, and I know, that this album is going to be soooo awesome and very very beautiful. And I know, that youir friend is going to absolutely LOVE this album, when it´s all done. Petrine is a very beautiful wonman, and this picture is soooo perfect for the cover of it. I can already imagine, how wonderful it´ll look, when it´s all finished. What a wonderful job, you´re doing with this project, can´t wait to see it all, when it´s completely finished, but I´m sure, it´ll be amazing, no doubt about that.

    1. Thank you Dear! I agree she was very beautiful! Grethe looks a lot like her Grandmother, and I swear Grethe’s daughter is a spitting image of Petrine! Right down to those gorgeous freckles. I’d love to ask her to be my model one day I feel like taking my camera for a shoot. We could have fun “reconstructing” some of Petrine’s poses….lol! Unfortunately she is more of a tomboy, I doubt that I’d ever get her into one of those gowns, the hairstyles or the hats…hehehe. But at least we could do a modern version then 😉 xoxoxo

  2. WAUW how fun would it be to make a session with her?? And such a fun element in this familyalbum, to show, that the genes in the family is still soo alike and it might show the difference from back then and until now too, if she agrees to take the photos of today at least. I think, that could be sooo fun and interesting too.

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