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Pretty Data – Royal Crown Printable

After all the royal posts lately, it is time to bring some regal fun to YOU! How about a Royal Crown, for starters?

Wings of Whimsy: Royal Crown #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #royal #crown #tradecard

I recommend my usual method of glueing the sheet to thin cardboard/cereal box before cutting, to create a sturdy crown. Attach it to a wooden dowel (the kind used for flowers would be perfect for this), and combine it with some of the Royal Medals I shared yesterday for a fun photo shoot! I guarantee both young and old will get into the mood with these accessories 😀

You can even make the Princess Garland for a backdrop, and I’m sure every model will feel very regal and have a blast getting his/hers picture taken 🙂

Wings of Whimsy: Royal Medals & Decorations No 1 #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #royal #medal #decoration #tradecard Wings of Whimsy: Royal Medals & Decorations No 2 #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #royal #medal #decoration #tradecardWings of Whimsy: Princess Bunting PRIN #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #princess #royal

Wings of Whimsy: Princess Bunting CESS #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #princess #royal

If you are curious about my Pretty Data project, and  interested in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, please get in touch, as I’m still hoping to sign up more helpers with my project! Warning: you’d have to be pretty crazy about imagery, somewhat interested in history, and have a (more or less secret) crush on royalty!…lol

The printable is free for your personal use and enjoyment.  Please go to the folder below to download a high quality copy:Download Printable

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I used elements from the following source for these desings:

1892 Fowler Bros. Trade Card – Boston Public Library on Flickr

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