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May 17th: Norwegian National Day – DIY Royal Instant Art

Working with my Pretty Data project, I have delved into some pretty amazing archives around the world! And one of them is the Norwegian Digitalt Museum, which holds imagery of museum objects from all the Norwegian museums. From their vast collection of royal ephemera, I have printed a couple of pieces resized to A4, and tucked them in some old gilded frames I was not using, for National Day Royal Instant Art:

Wings of Whimsy: DIY 1905-1906 Norwegian King and Queen Instant Art #vintage #printable #ephemera #norwegian #national #day #may #17th #royal #king #queen

Wings of Whimsy: DIY 1905-1906 Norwegian King and Queen Instant Art #vintage #printable #ephemera #norwegian #national #day #may #17th #royal #king #queen

For the 1906 coronation of King Haakon VII and Queen Maud, there was evidently released a large selection of postcards and small posters. I have chosen my two favorites for this instant art 🙂

It is a tradition to keep pictures of the King and Queen up on the walls in every home in Norway, although the younger people are no longer keeping with the tradition. I think I will keep my pictures up all year, and maybe even leave the vintage rosette with the Royal family portrait up too. I guess you can say I am a big fan of the Norwegian Royal family, and I intend to present them duly here on WoW!

Wings of Whimsy: DIY 1905 Norwegian King and Queen Instant Art #vintage #printable #ephemera #norwegian #national #day #may #17th #royal #king #queen

Would you like to make some rosettes like these? Click on the image below to go the original post with printables and tutorial:

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Norwegian National Day Rosette #vintage #printable #ephemera #norwegian #national #day #may #17th #royal #king #queen
DIY Norwegian National Day Rosette with tutorial

For May 17th 2013, I shared a Norwegian Flag Garland, which you can make to decorate for a May 17th party (click on one of the images below to go to the original post):

Wings of Whimsy: Norwegian National Day Flag Bunting No 1 #freebie #printable
Norwegian National Day Flag Bunting No 1
Wings of Whimsy: Norwegian National Day Flag Bunting No 2 #freebie #printable
Norwegian National Day Flag Bunting No 2

I have included an updated 2015 version in the download folder. 😉

If you are curious about my Pretty Data project, and  interested in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, please get in touch, as I’m still hoping to sign up more helpers with my project! Warning: you’d have to be pretty crazy about imagery, somewhat interested in history, and have a (more or less secret) crush on royalty!…lol

The ephemera has been altered by me, thus the printables are free for your personal use and enjoyment.  Please go to the folder below to download a high quality copies:Download Printable

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I have used elements from the following sources for these designs:

1906 Queen Maud and King Haakon postcard – Digitalt Museum

1906 King Haakon and Queen Maud Coronation poster – Digitalt Museum

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2 thoughts on “May 17th: Norwegian National Day – DIY Royal Instant Art

  1. Hi sweetie,
    Sorry I´ve been missin in action for soo long, but my Tablet decided to die on me, while we were in the US, so I´ve been really behind on everything here ever since we got back, so has kept pushing all I could for a long time, also because ever since we got back, I´ve had sick kids and several birthdays and DT works, that just had to be done first, so it´s first now, that I´m almost up to date here again LOL, but I´m getting there even very slowly LOL.
    I have been watching a bunch of your latest entries here, and I´m truly amazed with the beauty you´ve got into all these projects here. I totally love your gorgeous rosettes here for the National Day in Norway tomorrow, and I really hope, that you´ll all have a wonderful day, and hopefully the weather will get a lot better than it is here today at least. I promisse, I´ll write you a longer e-mail very soon, but tomorrow I´m just out of here again, as it´s my little ggrandsons 1st birthday here the 20th., so we´re invited there tomorrow to celebrate that, but then next week, I hope, there wount come anymore up right now again, cause then I should finally be back to normal here again.
    Have a wonderful week-end and National Day tomorrow and take very good care of yourself okay.
    Biiiiiiiiiiiiig warm hugs Maryann

    1. Hello My Dear 🙂 BIG, BIG welcome home hugs to you! I am Queen of late, so I know all there is on how things pile up and make us fall behind…lol! Don’t worry about me for a second, I’ll be here whenever you have time 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful time in the US, and can’t wait to hear all about it, but I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to catch up when we come down in July, so no worries about spending time writing about it now! Best wishes for the B-day boy, it seems like yesterday you said he was born :-O Time really flies; we better make the most of it with our loved ones 😀 Have a great Sunday, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for both of us getting good weather – the May 17th celebrations are so much more fun when the weather is good 😀 xoxoxo

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