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Little Cherubs Collage Sheet

I’m totally exhausted from the May 17th celebrations today, can’t say I’ve been having a very good day with my head (some days it chooses to feel like it’s screwed on wrong). But the girls marched in the children’s parade, I got to watch, they both spent a large amount of money on ice cream, snacks, cotton candy and helium inflated balloons. 

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Norwegian National Day #norwegian #national #day #may #17th
Torunn wearing bunad from Nordfjord
Wings of Whimsy: DIY Norwegian National Day #norwegian #national #day #may #17th
Guro wearing her National Day sash

When we came home in the afternoon they both took the air out of their balloons to talk with a helium voice, too funny – why did I not think about that before? However I had to reprimand them both, with buying those expensive balloons, only to use the helium in 2 minutes…lol

Torunn and I whipped up a cake for us, she did all the decorating:

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Norwegian National Day #norwegian #national #day #may #17th
Our May 17th cake, decorated by Torunn

I’m kind of happy the day is complete, tormorow we are back to normal.

I’m straying from my “royal path” tonight, and posting a sheet of cute cherubs that I made, I don’t even remember making these…lol (there’s quite a few projects like that in my archives, maybe I should start posting more of them…):

Wings of Whimsy: Little Cherubs Sheet #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #scrap #cherub #collage #sheet

If you fold these straight down the middle and glue the front and back together, you can make the cherubs double sided 😉

Find your high quality copy in the download folder, free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂

Download Printable

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8 thoughts on “Little Cherubs Collage Sheet

  1. These collage cherubs are as delightful as your own two cherubs Gunnvor. Thank you for sharing both with us. Margie x

  2. Thank you for sharing your delightful girls with us. Their smiles tell it all about the day they had.

    1. Thank you SusanIrene 🙂 Their day was great, this is one of the big days for kids in Norway, right up there with Christmas and their own birthdays…lol xoxoxo

  3. What a beautiful couple your girls were today in their gorgeous dresses. I totally love the bunads from your country, they´re soooo amazing and beautiful.
    Couldn´t help laughing, when I read about them playing with the helium, as that´s just what the girls here would´ve done too ha ha ha. Kids just love that kind of stuff, don´t they? ha ha ha.
    I also just love your cute cherups here too, they´re really gorgeous, thanks sooo much for sharing them.
    Hope you´ll have a great “normal” week ahead there now, whatever that is thoug ha ha ha ha. Talk to you soon.

    1. Thank you my dearest Maryann 🙂 I can’t believe it’s been 7 days, without me answering you comment :-O I have n-o-t been neglecting WoW, just working very hard on getting ready to release my latest whimsy: the series on the Norwegian Royal family 😀 Don’t worry, the Danish will be presented too, I just don’t know yet how they will fit into my scheme…lol Big big hugs to you and the peeps in your family, small and grown 🙂 xoxoxo

    1. Thank you dear Dianne! Yes, it is that age where one year seems to make a huge difference :-O I love that they are more and more becoming their own person, although I sometimes wish these new persons would agree with me more…lol xoxoxo

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