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Rose Girl in Pink Lace Frame – No 2 of 2

Here is the second little rose girl, also set in a pink lace frame (my youngest decided on the color of the lace, so I get to “blame” her for all the pink…lol (secretly I love it, of course…!): Wings of Whimsy: Rose Girl in Pink Lace Frame No 2 of 2 #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable  #lace #rose #girl #png I have also compared my cans for size: Wings of Whimsy: Empty CansThe smallest of these is actually about the same size as a regular Campbell soup can, meaning the two left ones are biiig (from the dining hall staff at our University College – they usually just throw them out, and think I’m a bit of a novelty for asking for a few of these every once in a while…lol) I’ll share with you eventually how the cans also end up on the deck, but first here is what I did with my two Rose Girls in Pink Lace Frames: Wings of Whimsy: DIY Rose Girl Hangers #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable  #lace #rose #girl #png Wings of Whimsy: DIY Rose Girl Hanger #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable  #lace #rose #girl #pngI printed both girls onto one A4-sized sheet of paper, cut the two frames out around the edges, semi-precise, leaving a little white, just to emphasize the lace, and then I fed both through my laminator making them waterproof 🙂 They are strung with a few pearls on a wire, into cute little hangings for using outside 😀 This idea can of course be used for any images you’d like to use outside 😉 Find your high quality copy in the download folder, free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂 Download Printable Did you enjoy this post? If you are not already a confirmed follower of Wings of Whimsy, please click “Follow”  to register and make sure you don’t miss any future posts:

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I have used elements from the following source for this desing:

Lace Frame – Zibi Retro Scraps

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4 thoughts on “Rose Girl in Pink Lace Frame – No 2 of 2

    1. Check out the reference at the boottom of the post to download the original lace frame 😉

      I have added the pink, though, so if it is important for you to have it in pink, I’ll see about creating that version for you, please let me know.

  1. This is just another real cutie here, and I absolutely love her.Sooo sweet and darling.
    I´m very sure the frame is cut with a die Diane, at least you can use any die, that´ll fit in size and then you can just cut it out in pink cardstock to create the frame. I know this is so beautiful, but I´m not sure it would be very easy to fussycut anyway thoug, if you look at the edge of it. But nmaybe Gunnvor have another solution for this thoug.

    1. Hello again Hunny 🙂 I’m very happy you like my images for garden hangers 😀

      The lace frames are actually from vintage holy cards, the links to the originals can be found at the bottom of these posts. She has them made as png-files, I think the original holy cards were indeed die-cut. I would never ever even attempt to cut out these precisely, it would only display clearly my lacking skills of cutting…lol! But as png’s they are great for digital scrapbooking, and for my purpose (garden hangers) or for decoupage, a little bit of a white background is fine 😛 xoxoxo

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