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DIY Mason Jar Band & Ribbon Mobile

This little summer craft could NOT get any easier:

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Mason Jar Band & Ribbon Mobile #diy #ribbon #canningjarband #windsock #mobile

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Mason Jar Band & Ribbon Mobile #diy #ribbon #canningjarband #windsock #mobile

I simply cut 5 pieces of pretty ribbon and tied them to a vintage Norgesglass (Norwegian Mason Jar) Band!

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Mason Jar Band & Ribbon Mobile #diy #ribbon #canningjarband #windsock #mobile

I used some of my Tilda ribbon for this craft, I love the combination of red and pink! I’m sure you could tie almost anything like this: lace, fabric scraps, crepe paper (indoors). If you don’t have a Mason jar band in your stash, a small embroidery hoop will do the job or even a piece of wire quickly shaped into a circle 😉

To hang the mobile I pierced two holes in the canning jar band and thread a piece of thick bakers twine through with my home made “needle” (a piece of about 10cm wire twisted around the twine, tightened with pliers), then tied knots to secure the twine.

You could hang your mobile with three or four strands of twine for a more balanced hanging, but I like how it dances in the light breeze entering my canopy 🙂

Happy 4th of July to everyone celebrating Independence Day! 🙂 🙂 🙂
Wings of Whimsy: DIY Mason Jar Band & Ribbon Mobile #diy #ribbon #canningjarband #windsock #mobile
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8 thoughts on “DIY Mason Jar Band & Ribbon Mobile

  1. Oh these are so sweet hun, and could very easily be transferred to fit any celebration one can think of. Just change the kind of ribbon and the color of it, would give a brand new impression. A really great idea.
    Glad to hear, that things are going so well for you this summer, and I hope, it´ll keep on like that and also that the gret weather will as well. Here it´s really been awesome the last few days with high sun and bright skyes. We´ve got the pool all cleaned and refilled, so it´ll hopefully be nice and warm when you arrive, so the girls can swim all day long, if they want to ha ha. My girls are already all exited and have also made plans for us all to go to the beach too, if just the weather will stay like this, so we´re all praying it will ha ha ha, and I´ve also almost got all my ongoing projects finished and cleaned my craftroom here too, so we can just do whatever we like and just have fun. I just got a message that a crafty friend, was soon getting married, so will have to make her a card and get of in time, but else, I don´t have any more “must do” projects waiting so that´s actually also pretty nice for a change, so we can just concentrate on all we think is fun on the day ha ha ha. And we´re all looking soo forward to see you all here. Have a wonderful week-end now and loads of fun.

    1. Thank you Dear! I think the Tilda ribbon I used is actually part of one of her early Christmas collections, but I use red and pink year round 😉 And I agree, had I thrown a little blue in there, it would have been instant 4th of July…lol

      I certainly hope I will be able to relax and recharge my batteries the next couple of weeks… to keep up with all the activities I see being planned…lol I should probably warn you that I like to go a little slow, and also that I can’t take the hot sun very well (I get headaches). But as long as I can find a little shade and drink plenty of water I’ll be! I might need to get one of those cheap parasols, if you plan for many beach trips…;-)

      I wish you a sunny and nice Sunday 🙂 xoxoxo

      1. I know, and I also often use products, that´s meant for one thing to loads of others as well. And I think especially the Scandinavians are actually really good at that for some reason, and I´ve also noticed that more of the Scandinavian paper producers are good to make different collections, that works really well for many different things except the ones they´re made for too, so guess it´s part of who we are, or how wre raised, that we all do that.
        Don´t you worry, we wount do a thing more, than we feel up to, as I´m also a very slow person, and I was worried that I might be the one to hold people back ha ha ha. You know, I have that stupid back after all my surgeries years ago, unfortunately it is holding me back and setting the limits more than I like many times, but something I have to respect, otherwise I´ll have to pay a very high price for it afterwards, so we are taking things slow and easy, and we haven´t made anymore plans, than they can be changed from day to day, all after what we´re up to on that very day. It´s mostly the girls, who make plans like crazy as they want to try as much as possible, but I´m pretty sure, tat when they´re first all together, they too find out, that the day has only 24 hours ha ha ha. And the pool has been fixed and filled with new water, so now we just hope for lots of sun, so it can get really warm, and I know from expirience, that when they first jump in there, they´re not to drag out again, so I´m pretty sure, that we´ll get all the time we like to relax, while they´re playing in the pool ha ha ha. And I haven´t told them about the beach yet either, it was more, if they really wanted to try the real beach, we didn´t have to go far to get to the fjord, and there´s made a place there for kids that is fenced out in the water, so parents can sit on the beach and relax without too much worries for the kids, but if they´re happy with the pool, at least there´s no stones here in the garden ha ha ha, and also here at home we have both a huge parasol, and we also have a roofed patio, so plenty of ways to get shades too. I can tell you, you´ve already got 10 stars from hubby, as he´s exactly the same, and can´t take the sun too much, so he also always sit in the shadow, and I must confess, that I´ve also for the first time ever tryed to get too much sun this year, so I might join you in the shadow too, and let the girls about the sun ha ha ha.

    1. I’m crafting several pieces with vintage mason jar bands, so there will be another version with crystals from me too 🙂 Hehe, great minds think alike 😀 xoxoxo

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