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DIY Mason Jar Bands & Crystals Windchime

Whenever I go to a thrift store I always look for extra Norgesglass bands (Norwegian Mason Jars). The little ol’ ladies working there always smile and nod at each other when they see me picking them up, probably thinking I will do some serious canning… they are of course wrong; I use the bands for my crafting:

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Mason Jar Bands & Crystals Windchime #diy #ribbon #masonjarband #windchime #mobile

For this Norgesglass Windchime I used 8 vintage bands and pretty crystals

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Mason Jar Bands & Crystals Windchime #diy #ribbon #masonjarband #windchime #mobile Wings of Whimsy: DIY Mason Jar Bands & Crystals Windchime #diy #ribbon #masonjarband #windchime #mobile

The Windchime makes beautiful little tingling sounds when the wind plays it, and it is utterly relaxing to watch it move. I think there is something about the circles that makes it extra soothing to watch! And the crystals twinkle and beam with the sunlight, so beautiful!

If you want a bit more color, I suggest using colored glas beads.

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Mason Jar Bands & Crystals Windchime #diy #ribbon #masonjarband #windchime #mobile Wings of Whimsy: DIY Mason Jar Bands & Crystals Windchime #diy #ribbon #masonjarband #windchime #mobile

To hang the windchime I pierced one hole in each band and thread a long piece of clear fishing line. Although I love fishing, I can never remember the good knots to use, and the line I had on hand might also be of a rather thick kind, so my knots don’t look that good… I will have to practice to do better next time 😛

The hanging crystal is thread onto the fishing ling before creating a double surgeons loop:

Wings of Whimsy: Double Surgeons Loop

I then added one additional crystal and some small glas beads for lowering my crystals to the right spot in the circle.

In the top band I pierced 7 holes and t-r-i-e-d to space them out evenly around, but don’t worry too much about the spacing, it won’t show when your windchime is done… 

The lines of each band are adjusted to hang so they are slightly overlapping. Each line is secured inside the top band with a small glas bead and knots.

Finally I thread some fishing line through 4 of the holes in the top band, to hang the windchime with 🙂

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Mason Jar Bands & Crystals Windchime #diy #ribbon #masonjarband #windchime #mobile
Wings of Whimsy: DIY Mason Jar Bands & Crystals Windchime #diy #ribbon #masonjarband #windchime #mobile
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8 thoughts on “DIY Mason Jar Bands & Crystals Windchime

  1. WOW what an amazing idea to use them for this. I never thought of that, but now I sure will. And it looks fabulous too, which is not bad either right? ha ha ha.
    I know the feeling of these old ladies eyes in your back, when you walk around in the thriftstores ha ha, and I´ve often wished, I copuld be a little fly on the wall, when I´ve left them, as I can see they´re chit chatting and pointing and laughing, so it could be fun to know, what they say, when we leave ha ha ha. But never mind, I love to go there and look around, and sometimes I find real goodies and other times there´s nothing.

    1. Thank you Sweetie! What kind of Mason jars do you have in Denmark? Do you also have your own native brand? As if our schedule is not already full, we should make room for a trip to your favorite thrift store! I visit our two local ones at least once per week, so I’d totally LOVE seeing some other stuff…lol xoxoxo

      1. That would be very very easy, and definitely something we can do anytime. I too love to go there. We have a couple of tiny ones, but we also have a very big one a little from here, at the wasteplace they´ve made a huge thriftstore, where they put all in, that´s sent to waste, buit they find is too good to be burned or people can come and bring them their old stuff, if they have something, they feel them self is too good to go in the wastebin, but not good enough to sell, but we can definitely go there some day, as it´s only about 20 km from here, and they have really much, and also really good stuff there. The 2 small thriftstores in the nearby city is mostly clothes and furnitures, but this one here have some of everything and is really big.
        We don´t have special mason jars, just ordinary glass with a lid screwed on them, but we more use the old preservingjars (henkogningsglas), you know the very old ones with a thick glasslid and a metal hanger over the lid. Not sure what they´re called in English, but I´m sure you know about them.

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