DIY Lace Heart Bunting

A part of my deck is covered with clear acrylic roofing, which provides shelter from the rain AND maximum light. Since my house is red with white accents, I decided a Lace Heart Bunting would look good here:

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DIY Lace Heart Bunting #diy #doily #heart #lace

DIY Lace Heart Bunting #diy #doily #heart #lace

I made 12 hearts from 2 large paper doilies, cut into 6 hearts, and strung the hearts with bakers twine. You can cut both layers of paper doilies at once, in fact I cut 4 layers at once, and could have cut even more, since the paper doilies are so thin 😉

The initial bunting hearts on my table, with pretty embossed roses:

DIY Lace Heart Bunting #diy #doily #heart #lace

Not all ideas pan out as I plan them, and this project needed some tweaking for it to work…

My initial bunting would work perfect for a party, or maybe indoors, but I’m plan to use mine outdoors all summer, and after only a few days, the wind and moist air was taking a toll on my pretty hearts… (although they are under the roof and not exposed to the rain directly!)

DIY Lace Heart Bunting #diy #doily #heart #lace

The tweak? Laminating, of course 😀

DIY Lace Heart Bunting #diy #doily #heart #lace

I was able to fit 3 hearts in one A4-sized laminating pocket. One heart came out with a fold, but no worries, I just ran it through the laminator a second time, and the fold is totally flattened and vanished 🙂

DIY Lace Heart Bunting #diy #doily #heart #laceWith laminating, most of the pretty rose embossing is also flattened, but I think they still look great.

DIY Lace Heart Bunting #diy #doily #heart #lace

I punched 4 holes in each heart, and used my homemade needle to quickly string them with thick bakers twine. (Approx 10 cm of wire, tightened around the twine with pliers)

DIY Lace Heart Bunting #diy #doily #heart #lace

DIY Lace Heart Bunting #diy #doily #heart #laceThat ought to do it, I’m sure the twine will wear out before my hearts now 😀

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