DIY Glamping Canopy – Part I

A canopy is really just a big tent! So I decided I wanted to decorate my tent the glamping style, which of course includes generous flag bunting!!! (Glamping = glamorous camping)

(All photos in this post are clickable, if you want to zoom in on the details!)

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Glamping Canopy #diy #sewing #flag #bunting #instructions #template

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Glamping Canopy #diy #sewing #flag #bunting #instructions #template

I went totally overboard, and pimped my canopy with 60 flags!!! Did I say glamping? I meant GLAMPING 😀 😀 😀 More is more when it comes to glamping…lol (in my opinion, that is!)

And I am going to share how I did it too:

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Glamping Canopy #diy #sewing #flag #bunting #instructions #template

I pulled out my selection of Tilda fabrics, to make my picks. I ended up picking 12 different fat quarters, so I needed to fit as many flags as possible per fat quarter. Therefore my template was adjusted to a size that will give 5 flags per fat quarter (5×12=60).

If you go with my idea, each quarter will give you 5 more flags in a different pattern, meaning you’d probably want at least 3 different quarters, (which will give 15 flags). I made my template of thin cardboard (cereal box) for it to be easy to work with.

FlagBuntingTemplate_WingsofWhimsy kopi

This file has been designed by me, and is as such free for your personal use! Find your high quality copy in the download folder, enjoy 🙂

Download Printable Wings of Whimsy: DIY Glamping Canopy #diy #sewing #flag #bunting #instructions #template

I ironed my fabrics first to remove any creases, then folded my fat quarter in half (right sides facing each other) and actually ironed the fold for a sharp crease. I then used my roller cutter, a metal ruler and a cutting mat to cut out both pieces of the flag at once.


The fifth flag of each fat quarter will be the two leftover pieces along the crease!

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Glamping Canopy #diy #sewing #flag #bunting #instructions #template

I then sewed the sides of the flags together inside out, using a straight stitch and 1/4″ seem allowance. I snipped most excess fabric off the tip, to allow for a nicer point.

I turned my flags right side out and pressed the point out with a skewer. I used the side of my iron to press the seams flat, by laying each flag on my ironing board as depicted  below.

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Glamping Canopy #diy #sewing #flag #bunting #instructions #template

I then ironed all flags flat and cut off any loose threads.

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Glamping Canopy #diy #sewing #flag #bunting #instructions #template

I was not happy with the bias tape I had on hand. The offwhite was too… yellow, and the red was too bright. At this point I therefore ran down to the store to buy some new bias tape…. but I came back empty handed! In my opinion that stuff is waaay to expensive, I’ll have to keep my eyes open for it when there’s sales…:-O

I had just the perfect red ticking striped Tilda fabric myself, so I decided to make my own bias tape 😀

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Glamping Canopy #diy #sewing #flag #bunting #instructions #templateI used the instructions found HERE to create continuous bias tape with my fabric, and had to repeat this procedure twice to get my 15m of bias tape 😀
Wings of Whimsy: DIY Glamping Canopy #diy #sewing #flag #bunting #instructions #template

Above is a picture of the offset twisted fabric when I was ready to start sewing it.

Creating your own bias tape is very little sewing, but a lot of cutting, and a LOT of ironing…:-P At least I got to test my new heart quilting needles 😀
Wings of Whimsy: DIY Glamping Canopy #diy #sewing #flag #bunting #instructions #template

One batch of about 7,5m of continuous bias tape is ready to go!Wings of Whimsy: DIY Glamping Canopy #diy #sewing #flag #bunting #instructions #template

I sewed my flags onto the tape with zig-zag stitches, and spaced them approximately 7cm apart.

30 flags in a row

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Glamping Canopy #diy #sewing #flag #bunting #instructions #template

I considered embellishing my flags, but I chose not to, at least not for now. They can be seen as little “blank slates” for embellishing little by little, like I did with 3 of the flags, some French clips and thrifted little rose embroideries

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Glamping Canopy #diy #sewing #flag #bunting #instructions #template

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7 thoughts on “DIY Glamping Canopy – Part I

  1. These buntings are also just gorgeous hun, and what an awesome job you´ve done here with all these too.
    But I could fear a bit, that they would loose too much color in sun and the wind outside, don´t you think? And it´s a huge amount of work, if they only last one season, but ofcause if the fabric is cheap enough, or you have some to be recycled, it wount be the biggest problem, but still with all the work it would be nice, if they lasted a bit longer, but they sure looks fabulous. You are such a clever bunny to get these great ideas always.
    Hope you´re having a wonderful time and sooo much fun.

    1. What sun??? lol! This fabric was not on the cheap side, but I love bunting, and have been envisioning sewing Tilda flags for ages, even before I came up with the idea of revamping the deck, so it just seemed like the perfect timing, meant to be!!! The Tilda fabrics are very good quality, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll hold up for a few season, especially since I keep them mostly under the canopy. If some of them get more worn out than the others, I’ll just embellish them with some ribbon or lace… hehehe! But of course I do recommend using recycled fabric, both to save on the money, and to not have to worry if they fade 😛 xoxoxo

  2. Such and clever and beautiful idea. I would not have the patience. Even after all the work that was done before you ran to the store, I would have thrown in the towel had I returned without the bias tape. I. WOULD. NOT. HAVE. MADE. MY. OWN. LOL You are somethin’ else. :0) Beautiful job you did. Are we invited to the party?

    1. Thank you Dear! I’m not going to say this was a quick project, but I truly enjoyed it, and spent some of my vacation time on this, listening to great music and just going at my own pace 🙂

      But if you covet flags, only feel like simplifying the idea, I suggest choosing 3 fat quarters, and sewing 15 flags! That still makes for a nice long bunting, but demands a lot less patience. And use some bias tape from your stash, wait until it’s on sale, or pay for it with your eyes closed…lol! There will be a Deck Warming Party in August, just give me a heads up if you are in the neighborhood – of course you are invited! 😀 For the rest, I will extend a virtual invitation, and let you take part in the party here 😀 xoxoxo

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