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The Deck Reveal: Part II – After

For those of you who read my posts regularly, you will know that the last few weeks (months!) I have been crafting for my deck. I am so happy now to finally reveal my revamped deck to ya’ll!

Yesterday we looked at the BEFORE pictures, and today we are ready for the AFTER pictures!

July 11th, all the major crafts I had planned are complete:

(All photos in this post are clickable, if you want to zoom in on the details!)

Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

This is a view if the covered area of the deck, where I have put a daybed with pillows and blankets. A nice spot to snuggle, either in the sun or in the rain. My sisters two youngest children were early summer guests this year, and together with my two girls the four of them took turns sleeping outside, rotating one night each 😀 This might also be my favorite spot to take an afternoon nap, enjoy a cup of tea, or reading a book.

Our cats Tiger (left) and Løve (right) enjoy the shade on the revamped deck.Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

Turning slightly left you can see the covered nook, and how the canopy is placed.Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

The view from inside the canopy looking towards the daybed.
Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

And here is the view from the side of the daybed, towards the kitchen door. And the cats don’t even bother watching me when I move around to take the pictures…lolWings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

The view towards the south, the town of Volda landmark, the mountain “Rotsethornet”, not a very tall mountain, on the  Norwegian scale 😛Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

And this is the view of the canopy seen from the other corner of the deck. I love that shadow, we never had that mid day, before the canopy 🙂Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

And this is the canopy head on, as it looks from my kitchen window, and stepping out onto the deck. Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

And a closer look inside the canopy. I chose to hang the lace curtains with some of my Decoupaged Clothespins, because I was not happy with the black net that came with the canopy, especially since I plan to keep those two walls closed at all times for privacy…:-P This view also offers the whole group of 5 chairs and table, painted with my Home Made Chalk Paint, the sewn Cushion Covers, the Mason Jar Band & Ribbon Mobile, the sewn Bunting Flags, and the Lamp Shades.Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

Then there is of course the entrance door, where you can enter onto the deck directly without coming through the house, with the Zinc Tray Door Sign I made with, “Sol i hjertet” meaning “sun in the heart”, I guess that is a good description of how the new deck makes me feel, counteracting the fact that we barely had sun or summer temperatures at all so far this season…  And worthy of being the name of my new deck (thanks Obie for giving me that idea)!Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

And this is what you see when you open the door to enter “Sol i hjertet” 🙂Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

I even tidied the nook for a photo…lol I use this area for drying clothes during the summer, and for storage during the winter time. This is where the garden furniture will go into winter hibernation.

And some details:

Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

Two of my Antique Seed Catalog reinventions: the Outdoor Rose Pictures, and the Can Planters.

Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTERAnd here you can see the Lace Heart Bunting, the Summertime Bunting with crocheted edging, and the Pink Lace Hangers 🙂
Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

The corner with the entrance door, I love the  barn style of it 🙂 And two more Seed Catalog Outdoor Pictures.Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

Under one of the kitchen windows I have put this café set with two cast iron chairs and a table, they are brand new, but will be left out all year, so I expect they will roughen up a bit over the years 🙂 In the top corner of this picture you can see one of the Vintage Labeled Cans I made.Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

The kitchen door and the second kitchen window. This is where the Mason Jar Bands & Crystals Windchime and another 3 of the Seed Catalog Can Planters are placed.Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

Inside the canopy is another peak of the Fiddler Garden Picture  and two more Can Planters 🙂

Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

And let’s not forget Bella with her Tart Tins Rain Chain and Suncatcher 🙂

Both cats seem very happy too with the new deck

Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

Tiger; maybe she spotted a bird or a bee up in the air?Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

Løve (Lion) relaxes on the new garden furniture 🙂

I had a celebration all alone, when I had completed all my major projects. 

Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTERWings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

Wings of Whimsy: The Deck Reveal - Part II - AFTER

I’m now planning a party in August, combining my birthday celebration with a deck warming party! 😀

And I still have to share my candle making projects with you!

I have sun, I have shade, I have shelter and I have privacy! YAY, I’m very happy with how this project turned out 😀 😀 😀

If you read this post all the way here, please let me know what YOU think about my revamped deck!

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33 thoughts on “The Deck Reveal: Part II – After

  1. Oh my goodness, this is sooooo gorgeous Gunnvor. I´m totally in love with everything here, and it was sooo worth waiting for,. that´s for sure. Everything looks fabulous and sooooooo sooo beautiful, and I can imagine the peace, you must feel, when you sit there and relax on a nice afternoon / evening. If we could just get some more warm and real summer, then it would be just perfect. Now I can certainly see, that I just HAVE to come and visit you sometime soon and see all this beauty with my own eyes. It´s absolut amazing every where you look here, and sooo many awesome details everywhere. You´ve really outdone yourself in this project, and it´s nothing but perfect. I just really wish to lay down on that daybed and relax ha ha ha.
    I really really hope, that you´ll be lucky enough to get some really nice summer weather for the entire August, so you can treally get a chance to enjoy every tiny corner of this gorgeous place here. Sooo well done of you girls, and biiig congrats with everything here.

    1. Awww, Darling, I feel like your praise is too much!!! But I really appreciate all the kind words, and I’m very happy that there seems to be at least a few other vintage/shabby chick/repurposed-fans left out there, since here in my town everyone is following the trends and being m-o-d-e-r-n at all times…lol

      And I agree, you should definitely make plans to visit, we’ll compare calendars and see what pans out 😀 xoxoxo

      I want August, September, heck I’ll even take October with nice sunny weather! I don’t need the temperature warm enough to sunbathe, I just need it nice enough to enjoy being outdoors…lol

    1. Thank you Christi 🙂 There was no finished plan! Or rather, the plan was to get the canopy and paint the garden furniture, so I could use the deck again. The rest sort of happened as I went along 😛 Your picture is great, so happy you were able to use the masks for the carneval 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. Fantastic. It fits your style so well. I really enjoy following your process of thought and creativity. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

    1. Thank you SuZi 🙂 I’m very happy you like the result, it is indeed very personalized, but in my opinion that is what one should do when decorating at home 🙂 And if someone finds a little inspiration in my various crafts, then I’m very happy about that too! xoxoxo

  3. Lovely, quite lovely. Looking at the pics, I suddenly feel the need for a nap…….one in the fresh air. Pat yourself on the back, you’ve made quite a gorgeous and peaceful nook. We’re invited to your Bday party, right? :0)

    1. Thank you so much dear Bev 🙂

      Everyone will be invited to the party! Either to come in person, or to join for a virtual party for those who can’t make it all the way here 😀 xoxoxo

  4. Absolutely gorgeous……………a place that I would LOVE to have for my own. Very well done!

    1. Thank you Sharon 🙂 I have tried to share as much as I could of the various DIY projects, so now you can copy and adapt most of the ideas featured here! If you do, I’d love to see photos 🙂 xoxoxo

  5. U did a very good job on ur deck – congrats – it looks so inviting – even the cat is impressed 🙂 I’ve been following u along as u’ve made and repurposed ur items and voila – u can be proud !!! and ur daughter is a cutie btw !

    1. Thank you Patricia 🙂 Maybe your cat is impressed by my two cat ladies, and not by the deck…? hehehe Both my girls have helped out a lot with the transformation, and I’m very pleased with their help and effort! And they are a little bit proud of what we have achieved too, I can see they are taking pictures and sharing with their friends… always a good sign…lol xoxoxo

    1. Thank you Diane! It has been almost a week since this was all done, and I have not had a single chance to fully enjoy the new deck, since it has been constantly raining. But I have used the canopy for meals, and with the curtains closed, and lots of candles, it is both warm and cozy, even in the rain 🙂 xoxoxo

    1. Thank you Irene 🙂 Right now I’m feeling overly optimistic, thinking I should do the front garden next year… but that is probably a much larger job to take on… hehehe I would love to craft outside too, but so far even the paint jobs had to happen in the garage, due to the cold and wet weather we have had here in Western Norway this summer so far 😛 But I’m dreaming of lots of lazy afternoons lounging in the daybed with a crochet project 😀 xoxoxo

  6. J’adore cet espace, tellement convivial.. vous vivez dans une belle région ! Nous avons trop chaud en France, depuis plusieurs semaines entre 30 et 40 °.. je vous envoie un grand souffle d’air chaud, je n’en peux plus, j’ai hâte de revenir à un temps plus normal.. je profiterai volontiers de votre terrasse ombragée .. Amitiés

    1. Merci Nicky! Je vois qu’il a été le plus chaud depuis 1880 dans la plupart des endroits dans le monde, mais donc pas en Norvège, où il a été plus froid. Météo experts parlent du jet stream, ce qui signifie que l’air chaud tire d’ailleurs l’air froid du pôle Nord vers la Norvège … Je ne sais pas, mais il semble au moins que ce délicieux avec quelques jours au Danemark 🙂 (<- google translate) xoxoxo

  7. INSPIRING, MARVELOUS, SIMPLY DIVINE! We loved every aspect of your deck transformation. What a perfect and private area for your friends and family to enjoy the out of doors all the way though autumn. Your splendid before and after photos highlight your various creations and design style wonderfully.

    This week my granddaughters and I will be making the flag banners out of lace doilies, a flower/seed catalog can for a friend’s birthday and yes, really, many of our Christmas gifts using the Vintage paper dolls and Sleigh Ride Trade cards.

    Thank you so very much for your time commitment and care in making and presenting your ideas. May you find some time each week to enjoy your lovely day bed for reading, creating and dreaming.

    PS. Pumpkin Kitty and Gracie June Bug Corgi send a big hello to Tiger and Love.

    1. Awww, thank you so much Barbie 🙂 I’m so happy to hear you also have some little girls in your life, to share crafty, creative project with! It is indeed enriching 🙂 And I’m also very happy that you find many inspiring ideas from my various older posts 🙂 Glad to see they are still being used! Tiger and Løve send a big happy purr right back at your kitties 🙂 xoxoxo

  8. Beautiful deck transformation. Lovely mountain view. I hope you will be able to get much enjoyment out of it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a beautiful, creative, welcoming, and relaxing transformation – fantastic job…Bravo!! Thank you for sharing all of your crafts steps too; they inspire me to beautiful my own space. The view of the landscape from your deck is majestic! This Texas gal wants to come visit you to help you celebrate (and admire) your hard work…have suitcase, will travel – Lol 😉 Cheers!

    1. You are welcome to pop in anytime! Just give me a heads up a couple of days ahead…lol I can promise a nice space and creative company, but I can’t make any promises about the weather…hehehe! xoxoxo

  10. Your deck project turned out so warm and inviting. What incredible views you have of your mountain. This is a wonderful area to sit and relax. You deserve all the credit for a beautiful job. I also love the cats.

  11. Dear Gunnvor Karita I want to thank you for all the beautiful things you share with us.  I live in Mexico City, and enjoy so much what you post, it makes mi feel I have a friend in Norway. I am a decorative painter, and love the Norwegian Painting style. I enjoyed so much all the beautiful pictures of your porch! God bless yo Silvia

    1. Thank you so much Silvia! I’m so happy to learn I have a follower in Mexico, I think you are my first! (at least that I know of) Please let me know if you have any special request, I might be able to dig something out for you 😉 xoxoxo

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