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All Cherubs on Deck!

You might have noticed that there is a couple of cherubs on my deck? I thought I might as well give you a tour of those too 😀

(All photos in this post are clickable, if you want to zoom in on the details!)

Wings of Whimsy: All Cherubs on Deck! Wings of Whimsy: All Cherubs on Deck! Wings of Whimsy: All Cherubs on Deck! Zaz hovers under the roof of my canopy. She is the oldest one, the biggest one and the only one airborne. So I suppose she is in charge of the rest 🙂

Zaz is named after the artist, with the most amazing voice, and French songs! Her music motivated me during the long lasting painting of the garden furniture in the rain! If you have not heard her, I strongly recommend the following titles for starters (click to listen):

Zaz: Je veux

Zaz – Eblouie Par La Nuit

Wings of Whimsy: All Cherubs on Deck!

You already met Bella, Cupid and Psyche, when i presented the new Rain Chain

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Glamping Canopy #diy #lamp #shades #instructions

Wings of Whimsy: All Cherubs on Deck! And you said hello to Falco when I showed you the new lamp shades 🙂 Falco is of course also named after the artist with the same name, listen to his classic and never forgotten songs, the very first album I ever bought at age 15 in 1985 (click to listen):

Falco – Jeanny
Wings of Whimsy: All Cherubs on Deck!

Eilland was the first cherub on my deck, he moved in almost 10 years ago, and has been here ever since. He does not mind a little rust, and is very proud to have been assigned with keeping watch over the solar lights in this thrifted, once brass, candelabra, now painted white and paired with thrifted lamp globes 🙂 Eilland is  named after one of the main persons of a traditional Norwegian folk song, played by the band Gåte (click to listen):

Gåte – Sjå attende
Wings of Whimsy: All Cherubs on Deck!

The lovers Bendik and Årolilja are another pair I have had for a few years. They are also named after a traditional Norwegian folk song, again I really like the revamped Gåte version (click to listen):

Gåte – Bendik og ÅroliljaWings of Whimsy: All Cherubs on Deck!

I try to tell Rosanna she is not a cherub, but she absolutely refuses to listen to me! She has her name from another immortal song from the early 80ies (click to listen):

Toto – Rosanna
Wings of Whimsy: All Cherubs on Deck!

And this is of course Madonna, no introduction should be necessary, but I would like to share one of my favorite songs by her (click to listen):

Madonna – Live to tell

Wings of Whimsy: All Cherubs on Deck! I named this cutie Me, just to make sure! (Click to listen.)

Madonna – She’s Not Me

Wings of Whimsy: All Cherubs on Deck! Then there is Sade, named probably after my all time favorite artist, I can listen to her 24-7 and never grow tired of her beat, her sound, her groove (click to listen):

Sade – The Best Of Sade
Wings of Whimsy: All Cherubs on Deck!

This precious little cherub was a gift from my friend Mibrak, so of course she carries her name! And since she is Eritrean, I would like to share some Eritrean folk music (click to listen):

Traditional Eritrean Folk MusicWings of Whimsy: All Cherubs on Deck!

And finally this last little cherub carries the name Britt. She is named after the best Norwegian traditional fiddler there is, and of course she is from my home town Hornindal. If you don’t click on any other of my quite international and varied music memories, please listen to this one, it is the music I grew up with, so beautiful, and magical, and mysterious all at once (click to listen)!

Britt Pernille Frøholm – Rik du er & Om kvelden

So there you have all Cherubs on Deck, paired with some of my favorite music 😀

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8 thoughts on “All Cherubs on Deck!

  1. You certainly have some really amazing cherups here. I really love some of these, and especially the little heartbox with the cherup on is absolutely gorgeous, but then they all are in each their ways. Facinating to read your little story to go with each of them too, and I like that actually, it´s sooo sweet and nice. You sure have made that deck into a real heaven there, and I´ll look forward to see it for real some time, that´s for sure. It looks sooo amazing and romantic.

    1. Thank you Darling 🙂 I did not even plan on collecting the cherubs, it sort of just happened…lol! I try my best not to exaggerate, though… they tend to spread out everywhere 😛 xoxoxo

    1. Thank you Dear! I wish you could come and enjoy it with me! We could pull out our secret Christmas stashes and craft to our hearts content, all private…lol!! xoxoxo

  2. My favorite has to be Britt. The music is beautiful ,as are the mountains. It was like taking a mini vacation. I will listen to it again. Great job on the deck.

    1. Thank you Darling 🙂 The poems are recited by me, so now you have heard me “live”…lol And the pictures are taken up at our mountain farm, the little green cabin is our family cabin 😀 Climbing the summit is a bit of a challenge, though, it’s probably not recommended for someone not used to that kind of hikes…:-O Come sit on my deck anytime, and we can visit the mountain farm too, it’s only about 40 minutes away from my house 😀 xoxoxo

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