Belle Epoque Tea Cup No 2

Here is Tea Cup No 2 of ca 1890 Belle Epoque Tea Cup scraps from Austria! The original cups are itsy-bitsy-tiny (approx 2x2cm), but I have scanned them at 600dpi and digitally enhanced them:

Wings of Whimsy: Belle Epoque Tea Cup No 2 PNG -file (transparent background) #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #teacup #scrap

I believe “Ich denke dein” translates into “I think of you”, and it’s the opening phrase of the Johan Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832) love poem:

Nähe des Geliebten (1795)

Ich denke dein, wenn mir der Sonne Schimmer
Vom Meere strahlt;
Ich denke dein, wenn sich des Mondes Flimmer
In Quellen malt.

Ich sehe dich, wenn auf dem fernen Wege
Der Staub sich hebt;
In tiefer Nacht, wenn auf dem schmalen Stege
Der Wandrer bebt.

Ich höre dich, wenn dort mit dumpfem Rauschen
Die Welle steigt.
Im stillen Hain da geh ich oft zu lauschen,
Wenn alles schweigt.

Ich bin bei dir, du seist auch noch so ferne.
Du bist mir nah!
Die Sonne sinkt, bald leuchten mir die Sterne.
O wärst du da!

I Think of You

I think of you,
when I see the sun’s shimmer
Gleaming from the sea.

I think of you,
when the moon’s glimmer
Is reflected in the springs.

I see you,
when on the distant road

The dust rises,
In deep night,
when on the narrow bridge

The traveler trembles.
I hear you,
when with a dull roar
The wave surges.

In the quiet grove I often go to listen
When all is silent.

I am with you,
however far away you may be,
You are next to me!

The sun is setting,
soon the stars will shine upon me.

Find your high quality copy in the download folder, free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂

Please be reminded that I have processed the original scrap quite a lot, by scanning, digitally enhancing, editing and creating a transparent background, thus the copyright of the file remains mine!

Download Printable

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