I have been too busy with my various Wallpaper projects this spring, to pause for new May 17th decorations, but for everyone celebrating the Norwegian National Day or as we Norwegians simply call it: Syttende Mai, I wish you all a great celebration with the traditional cheer:


And I would like to remind you of various earlier posts I did with Norwegian ephemera and DIY projects (click on the images to go to the original posts and download printables/instructions:

Wings of Whimsy: Norwegian National Day Bunting

Norwegian National Day Bunting

Wings of Whimsy: Norwegian Rosettes

Norwegian Rosettes

Wings of Whimsy: Norwegian Royals Instant Art

Norwegian Royals Instant Art

Wings of Whimsy: Norwegian Mini Flags

Norwegian Mini Flags



2 thoughts on “May 17th: HIPP HIPP HURRA!

  1. Hi I love the work you do . Thank you for the hard work you do for us. I have a question about the post today, there is no download button , so should we go to your site to get the downloads? Thanks again Barb

    • Hello Barbara šŸ™‚
      As I’m writing in this post, you need to click on the individual images to go to the original posts, as this is reminders of different stuff I have done previously šŸ™‚ xoxoxo

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