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The WoW Challenge – The Results

I’m writing today to share with you the wonderful submissions to the WoW Challenge: The 7 Wallpaper Flags Garland!

Wings of Whimsy: Becky's Garland

Becky’s uses the Sears 1906 Flag No 23 to adorn one of the Perfume Cottages with a Birthday Greeting for her friend! So cute and so, so itsy bitsy tiny!!! I’m not much of a miniature crafter, so this kind of precision always impresses me loads 🙂

Wings of Whimsy: Maxine's Garland 1

Maxine used some of the blue flags in the Wallpaper Flag Collection for this delightful Edwardian Tea Time Digital Wallpaper!

Wings of Whimsy: Maxine's Garland 2

Maxine also picked a few of the 1963 Fashion of Today Wallpaper pennants for a fabulous Digital Wallpaper featuring the Beatles enjoying a cuppa 😀 I think both her collages are great, and they fit perfectly on my Macbook Pro, YAY!!

She has graciously agreed to let you all share both her designs, you can download them from her website HERE.

I was hoping for lots of submissions, with all the different pennants I have shared for ya’ll to play with and enjoy. Several people signed up for the WoW Challenge, but these were the only two who came through! So I’m cancelling the vote for a winner, and just declaring them both for outstanding ideas and well crafted! Of course I’ll be also sending goodie packages to both ladies 🙂

If you like the various pennants chosen by Becky and Maxine, they can all be found for you to download here:

Download Printable

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2 thoughts on “The WoW Challenge – The Results

  1. Oh I so wanted to sign up and submit our creation with your wall paper flags. We love them all. Unfortunately. My time was so limited with the care of my mother, I did not think I could make the dead line. But we are making our our flag banner adding lace on the edges and satin ribbon for the string. It will hang in our shabby chic garden cottage. A photo will be sent to you by the end of the summer. Thank you for all the time you took to create this super wonderful project.

    1. Thank you for the comment Barbie 🙂 I’m looking forward to seing your banner, please send me pictures the minute you have completed it 🙂 xoxoxo

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