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3D LOVE Wallpaper Letters

I had fun using some of the Vintage Wallpapers to create 3D LOVE:
Wings of Whimsy: 3D LOVE Wallpaper Letters #freebie #printable #romantic #valentine #love #letters #3DlTo make these yourself, simply cut out each letter, score and fold all dotted lines and use crafters permanent double sided tape to assemble!  They take a little fiddling, especially the O is a little challenging, but patience and some tweezers will get you a long way 😛 Oh, and for the O I applied the tape to the edges before cutting out the serrates 😉

Wings of Whimsy: 3D LOVE Wallpaper Letters #freebie #printable #romantic #valentine #love #letters #3Dl Wings of Whimsy: 3D LOVE Wallpaper Letters #freebie #printable #romantic #valentine #love #letters #3Dl Wings of Whimsy: 3D LOVE Wallpaper Letters #freebie #printable #romantic #valentine #love #letters #3Dl Wings of Whimsy: 3D LOVE Wallpaper Letters #freebie #printable #romantic #valentine #love #letters #3Dl Find your high quality copies, free for your personal use and enjoyment in the download folder below 🙂 

Download Printable

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4 thoughts on “3D LOVE Wallpaper Letters

    1. Thank you so much Dear, I’m sure these will be easy-peasy for you 😀 After I took the pictures I came up with the idea of gilding the edges, that will both look great, and cover up the score lines … just a thought 😛 xoxoxo

  1. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful paper art with us. I am 68 years old and am not able to be as active outside as I have always been. I have taken up paper crafting as a means to keep myself busy and you give me wonderful inspiration!! Again, thank you!!

    1. Yay! I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying my site, hopefully you will keep coming back for more 🙂 Personally I enjoy the easy projects. Much of my stuff here is not very complicated, which hopefully also means that the threshold to try out the various projects is low, but that the end results still are pleasing 😉 xoxoxo

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