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Chalkboard Labels & Free Font Samples

I’ve been perusing the Google Font Library looking for great Handwriting fonts and new Decorative fonts. Take a look at my findings:

Wings of Whimsy: Connected Handwriting Fonts #diy #alphabet #printable #freebie #chalkboard #labels #fontsWings of Whimsy: Disconnected Handwriting Fonts #diy #alphabet #printable #freebie #chalkboard #labels #fontsWings of Whimsy: Decorative Fonts #diy #alphabet #printable #freebie #chalkboard #labels #fonts

That makes 30 new FREE fonts to play with 🙂 To make it easy to re-examine each font when deciding on which style to use for a project, I put them on label sheets, so you can print them out for future reference 🙂 Some of these are really great for Chalkboard labelling, don’t you agree?

I am of course including the blank Chalkboard Label Sheets for you as well, print these on sticker paper and write your text with a white Chalkboard marker. Or drop the label sheet into a text editing software like Word, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Photoshop or Indesign and write your labels with your favorite font from my suggestions here 🙂

Wings of Whimsy: Chalkboard Labels #diy #alphabet #printable #freebie #chalkboard #labels Wings of Whimsy: Chalkboard Labels #diy #alphabet #printable #freebie #chalkboard #labels

Find your high quality copies, free for your personal use and enjoyment in the download folder below 🙂 

Download Printable

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I used elements from the following sources for these designs:

30 Font Samples – Google Fonts

Label 1 – Sweetly Scrapped

Label 2 – Knick of Time

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