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Wallpaper Easter Bunnies – Day 3 of 5

Here is the third batch of festive Wallpaper Easter Bunnies:

And here is the low resolution preview of today’s 3 sets:

I made a selection of 15 different sheets, so a total of 45 different Bunnies for you to choose from 😀 I’ll be sharing the Bunnies in sets of 3 this week 🙂

Instructions for a Bunny Banner:

  • Print out your favorite Wallpaper Bunnies
  • Cut out the individual bunnies
  • Punch holes and string them up (I used coarse jute twine)
  • Attach little pompoms with a glue gun for tails (alternatively: cotton balls, little yarn pompoms, fluffed tissue paper, buttons)

And TA-DAH: you have an adorable Wallpaper Bunnies Banner

These are super-easy, and can surely be made with kids. Don’t forget, the bunnies can also be used for other decorations around the house, or Easter card making. Please share in the comments below if you have other ideas for these too 😀

Find your high quality copy, free for your personal use and enjoyment in the download folder below 🙂 

Download Printable

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2 thoughts on “Wallpaper Easter Bunnies – Day 3 of 5

  1. LOVE these bunnies. I have had an incident happen this week. All of my Wings of Whimsy files disappeared off my google cloud. I did not delete them. I especially like the “secret” file and the file that has all the wallpaper samples. I have used the wallpaper samples to make cards and baskets of all kinds. I am now retired due to a bad heart and do a lot a lot of sewing and paper crafts in order to keep myself busy. Thanking you in advance for ant help you can give me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use all of your paper crafts!!!

    1. I’m sorry Patricia, you will have to add the files anew to your Google Drive. I went through all the settings, the secret file was never meant to be shared – that is my private archive 😦

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