About me

My name is Gunnvor Karita and I live in Volda, Norway. At the age of 42 I still enjoy fairytales and magic. I’m  the single mum of two gorgeous girls age 9 and 10, a creative crafter, a deltiologist with a whimsical fancy for cherubs and roses, and in the spare time I try to fit work and completing my masters thesis. It is safe to say that our house (for the most part) is a very creative chaos, just the way we love it 🙂

I hope to be able to use this blog to share some of my vintage postcards, for you to use in your artwork. I am completely smitten with the Victorian and Edwardian era, and my collection is dedicated to ephemera from that period. My main theme is cupids and cherubs, so there is a lot of Valentine cards, but also some Easter, Christmas and New Year’s cards. I have many American and Brittish, but also a few French, alongside the scarce card from elsewhere in the world.

I also hope to be able to post some old photos and other ephemera, mainly from the same era. And finally, I’m trying to muster the courage to post some of my designs created with bits and pieces found elsewhere in Bloglandia, with the free graphics offered from other sites, but time will tell if I dare to do so.



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