Warning: Work in Progress…

Don't be alarmed if you visit my site and things are looking unfamiliar! I have decided to try out some WordPress-options, and will be experimenting with some customizing for a bit! Ideally this will lead to improvements, but I could also end up reverting to my current layout, which has served me well for a… Continue reading Warning: Work in Progress…

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DIY Old Book Crafts – No 4 – Accordion Organizer

I like the pages of old books, and enjoy working with them a lot, but what I really LOVE is the hardcovers! So today we are advancing the Old Book Crafts into making an Accordion Organizer 😀   How clever is that? Use your Accordion Organizer for coupons, to sort your graphic printouts/leftovers, for patterns or… Continue reading DIY Old Book Crafts – No 4 – Accordion Organizer

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Creative Confessions: Love’s Greeting

Wings of Whimsy is my creative outlet. And I have learned the hard way I need to have one! Designing and crafting are not my only creative passions, I like to take pictures and I like to write. In fact I like to apply my creativity to everything I do, including work! I regard creativity… Continue reading Creative Confessions: Love’s Greeting