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3D LOVE Wallpaper Letters

I had fun using some of the Vintage Wallpapers to create 3D LOVE: To make these yourself, simply cut out each letter, score and fold all dotted lines and use crafters permanent double sided tape to assemble!  They take a little fiddling, especially the O is a little challenging, but patience and some tweezers will… Continue reading 3D LOVE Wallpaper Letters


Victorian Male Locomotion 1887 – Animated GIF file

I found another awesome treasure on Boston Public Libraries on Flickr! Photographer Eadweard Muybridge was studying animal (human) locomotion at the turn of the century, and the photoraphic plates are made available to the public. The resolution is not very high, each individual image is only a couple of centimeters high. But I have enlarged them,… Continue reading Victorian Male Locomotion 1887 – Animated GIF file