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1902 Little Fairies – Printable Tags

I've been meaning to create something with the Little Fairies for months, and I'm very pleased that they finally made it into my Photoshop, and came out as brand new tags: This is a new style tags I invented, please let me know what you think of them? I also used the Little Fairies to make a… Continue reading 1902 Little Fairies – Printable Tags


Sweet Christmas Cherubs – PNG and 2″ Circles Collagesheet

L-o-o-k  a-t  t-h-a-t! Christmas cherubs can't get much sweeter than these, can they 😀 I follow Julie at The Old Design Shop, and adore so many of the graphics she posts. When I got a Christmas postcard from her in my mailbox a few hours ago, I simply had to extract the round cherub vignette… Continue reading Sweet Christmas Cherubs – PNG and 2″ Circles Collagesheet

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DIY Vintage Bottle Caps Rings

I used my free printable 1 Inch Christmas Circles for pretty seasonal rings. And the girls made a few too, theirs were embellished (as usual) with beads and glitter...:-D I wore the darling little Robin to work before the weekend, and got lots of compliments 🙂 I'm looking for some of that epoxy-stuff to fill on… Continue reading DIY Vintage Bottle Caps Rings

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Bottle Caps Vintage Embellishment – free printable

Since I used bottle caps for my Snow Cherubs, I have been thinking a lot about what a wonderful a resource bottle caps really are. These are a few of the bottle caps I have made for decorating my Christmas gifts: You can use both upcycled bottle caps, and if you go wild with them (like… Continue reading Bottle Caps Vintage Embellishment – free printable