DIY · Ephemera

Corset Ladies Labels

I have played around with a fun piece of ephemera, dancing Corset Ladies: This is a PNG-file, meaning the background is transparent, so it's great for layering with your digital projects. For the labels below I have used the PNG-image at 80% for extra translucence. Notice especially how the background blends more softly into the… Continue reading Corset Ladies Labels

DIY · Ephemera

Vintage Christmas Stocking No 22

In my Christmas series this year, there are 25 Christmas Stockings, combining various Christmas graphics with a vintage Stocking template. Here is No 22: The original sheets of the Vintage Christmas Stockings are made in A3-size. INSTRUCTIONS: Take the original file to print at at print shop for a Really Big Stocking, and glue only… Continue reading Vintage Christmas Stocking No 22


Cherub Die Cut Corset Ribbon Cards – Free Printable

I have hoarding tendencies. Paper, cardboard, stamps, ink, paint, glue, fabric, yarn, buttons and of course ribbon. I can't even cut a tiny piece of silk ribbon out of a new t-shirt or sweater, without saving it. I have seen many lovely vintage printable cards for lace and embroidery thread, and I have downloaded some… Continue reading Cherub Die Cut Corset Ribbon Cards – Free Printable