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Gilded Damask Labels

If you are anything like me, you can never get enough labels! Both to attach to things for prettier appearance, and to actually label stuff... So I have gathered some gorgeous Gilded Damask Labels onto a sheet, ready to print: I think these labels would fit just about anywhere! Glued onto boxes, jars or bottles,… Continue reading Gilded Damask Labels


Strolling Victorian Lady 1887 – animated GIF file

Here's a lady for you that will indeed cause some locomotion! Strolling female locomotion, that is 😀 I believe the Victorian women were shy and private, so I have covered her artistic nudity in a bit of damask texture. The gorgeous and versatile frame was found on Leaping Frog Designs, and is an altered book… Continue reading Strolling Victorian Lady 1887 – animated GIF file