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3D LOVE Wallpaper Letters

I had fun using some of the Vintage Wallpapers to create 3D LOVE: To make these yourself, simply cut out each letter, score and fold all dotted lines and use crafters permanent double sided tape to assemble!  They take a little fiddling, especially the O is a little challenging, but patience and some tweezers will… Continue reading 3D LOVE Wallpaper Letters


Clapsaddle Love Key Cherubs

Tonight I'm sharing a set of Ellen Clapsaddle's Love Key Cherubs: Few cherubs are sweeter than Ellen Clapsaddle's, and I'm completely smitten with the wonderful pastel colors 😀 Find your high quality copy of the file in the download folder, free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂 My confirmed followers will find these as individual PNG-files… Continue reading Clapsaddle Love Key Cherubs

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American Beauties Stationery

When Harrison Fisher published his famous book "American Beauties" in 1909, with 21 gorgeous portraits of contemporary beautiful ladies, E. Stetson Crawford contributed with the illustrations to the volume. I have used some of Crawford's illustrations to design a complete line of free printable American Beauties Stationery: For the envelopes I also included a liner… Continue reading American Beauties Stationery

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A Rose From You – Digital Collage

I can't draw! At all, so badly so, that I also can barely write anything understandable... maybe that is why I tend to sit down with my computer or paper and scissors when I feel! Today I'm sharing a digital collage, not sure if you can use it for anything, but it's an example… Continue reading A Rose From You – Digital Collage

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Vintage Love Song Borders or Tape

Did you miss me lately? I have not been away from crafting, but I have had to choose easy projects... Lets see, I have crocheted an Olympic hat for my youngest, made some darling ornaments with some scraps and my new edge-punches, crafted a wire crown and started crafting my first feather tree (made the… Continue reading Vintage Love Song Borders or Tape