Frear’s Troy Bazaar Winter Children

Here is a set of Winter Children, they are Victorian trade cards by Frear's Troy Bazaar: I love the unusual colors on these cards and the birds accompanying each child 🙂 Although these have no Christmas message, I still think they fit very well for Christmas. The file is free for your personal use and… Continue reading Frear’s Troy Bazaar Winter Children

Norwegian · Postcards

Clapsaddle Cherubs – Fröhliche Pfingsten 1905

Although Pentecost is early this year, it is still over a month left. In Norway we celebrate according to the Gregorian Calendar, which means Whit Sunday is on May 19th this year. Only one of the cards I present today have a reference to Pentecost, "Fröhlicher Pfingsten" is German, it translates into "Happy Pentecost". These… Continue reading Clapsaddle Cherubs – Fröhliche Pfingsten 1905