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Sailing Cherubs 2,5″ Tags

Here's the last of my 2,5" tags sheets (for now), and it's the lightest pastel colors of them all, my salesman sample (large!) calling cards Sailing Cherubs: Since size always matters, follow my convenient conversion chart to size your print out to your punches or to the project where you want to use these:  Find your high quality… Continue reading Sailing Cherubs 2,5″ Tags

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Exquisite Victorian Sailing Cherubs

In case you are a fairly new reader of Wings of Whimsy, you may not have caught that I'm a deltiologist? I collect cherub postcards from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Not everything I post here is cherub postcards, but that remains my main source of antique ephemera 🙂 I received these outstanding Victorian cards… Continue reading Exquisite Victorian Sailing Cherubs