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Walter Crane Seahorse Printable Wraps & Tags

Did I mention how much I love Seahorses? Well, I do! I wish I could scuba dive so I could find them and watch them myself, but since I can’t, I will at least enjoy them in art! And share the wonderful art of Seahorses with as many people as possible 🙂 So here are Seahorse Wraps, to use for empty cans or jars or whatever you can think of:

Wings of Whimsy: Seahorse Wrap - free for personal use - #walter #crane #vintage #seahorse #free #printable #ephemera

I wrapped the small can by printing two pages to one sheet of paper.

The middle can is just painted white with 2 coats of acrylic paint, and then a wee tiny bit of green and blue paint is lightly brushed on top of the last coat of white before it is dry. 😀

So if your wraps are a too short to cover the entire circumference of your container, just paint the “gap” in matching colors, before gluing the wraps on 🙂

Wings of Whimsy: Seahorse Wrap - free for personal use - #walter #crane #vintage #seahorse #free #printable #ephemeraI also made matching tags for these, if you go with my usual procedure of printing the tags on glossy (cheap) photo paper and gluing it onto thin cardboard, before cutting out, these tags will be very sturdy (like the ones you can see peeking out if the middle can). You can then use the tags to label your containers if you wish 🙂

Wings of Whimsy: Seahorse Tags - free for personal use - #walter #crane #vintage #seahorse #free #printable #ephemera

Wings of Whimsy: Seahorse Tags - free for personal use - #walter #crane #vintage #seahorse #free #printable #ephemeraThese files are free for your personal use and enjoyment.

I have used the following elements for these designs:

Gift Tag Template – Lilac & Lavender

Back of old photo – The Graphics Fairy

Walter Crane Seahorses – Kunst en samenleving on Open Library

Lace Frame – Zibi Vintage Scrap


PS You may also like the matching Seahorse Christmas Card, that i posted a couple of weeks ago. How about using all of these together for a cute and frugal Christmas Gift:

Wings of Whimsy: Vintage Seahorse Christmas Card - free for personal use #vintage #printable #ephemera

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