Ca 1910 Walker Creamery Ice Cream Tag

I'm so very happy and relieved to have completed my masters studies (the oral examination was yesterday afternoon)! I am now formally "Master of sciences in planning and leadership" pretty kewl, eh? Atm. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome about the job I interviewed for last Wednesday, or prolonged employment at my current workplace… Continue reading Ca 1910 Walker Creamery Ice Cream Tag

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A Rose From You – Digital Collage

I can't draw! At all, so badly so, that I also can barely write anything understandable... maybe that is why I tend to sit down with my computer or paper and scissors when I feel creative...lol! Today I'm sharing a digital collage, not sure if you can use it for anything, but it's an example… Continue reading A Rose From You – Digital Collage

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BONHEUR Embroidered French Garland

I have had a blast with mixing paper printables and embroidery lately, and here is the latest design, a French Garland spelling out the word BONHEUR (happiness): I found some gorgeous pages from a Vintage Embroidery booklet, and I knew I had to utilize them 🙂 The result looks like the whole flags are embroidered, even… Continue reading BONHEUR Embroidered French Garland


Victorian Scraps – Lovely Glove Ladies

Here is a pretty pair of Victorian Glove Ladies, I think they'd be delightful in some crafty projects: They are PNG-files, meaning they have transparent backgrounds and can easily be layered on top of anything in your digital art 🙂 Or cut them out and use them for scrapbooking, cardmaking, to make paper dolls, or any… Continue reading Victorian Scraps – Lovely Glove Ladies

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DIY French Victorian Embroidery Tags

Here is the next set(s) of embroidered tags, you are all getting the hang of this now, yes? So I'm advancing to a bit more challenging patterns, most of these were found in vintage French Sajou embroidery booklets on PatternMakerCharts (link below): It's supposed to be: Bee, Heart, Butterfly, Key, Crown and Fleur de lis...,… Continue reading DIY French Victorian Embroidery Tags