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Vintage Paper Doll Angels – Part 3

How about a 3rd set of Paper Dolls? I still have more dolls in progress, but might be a little busy the next few days, so don't want to promise when they'll be ready...:-P And here's a pink version of the wings:   You can mix and match dolls and wings anyway you fancy 😀 These files… Continue reading Vintage Paper Doll Angels – Part 3

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Vintage Paper Doll Angels – Part 1

I'm working on some Vintage Paper Doll Angels for Christmas, and I figured I'd share some of the printables even though the project is still not complete: I figured little paper dolls in their underwear will make such sweet little Christmas Angels! So I gathered a bunch of them and resized them to the same size,… Continue reading Vintage Paper Doll Angels – Part 1

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Norwegian Sandkake – Sandbakels

Did you ever wonder about those tart tins, what they were used for? Obviously some kind of cookie...but WHICH cookie? I can account for (some of) the tart tins: It's a traditional Norwegian Christmas sugar cookie, that dates back (at least) to the first half of the 1800s. 🙂 The cookie is called Sandkake or… Continue reading Norwegian Sandkake – Sandbakels

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DIY Old Book Crafts – No 8 – Queen At Home Stationery Folder

I have created another use for an old book, a dedicated Queen At Home Stationery Folder: In my folder I also made some pages meant for loose scraps, to use with my correspondence. If you like that idea, the folder could be created entirely to hold scraps, rather than stationery (similar to a collectors stamp album).… Continue reading DIY Old Book Crafts – No 8 – Queen At Home Stationery Folder

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American Beauties Stationery

When Harrison Fisher published his famous book "American Beauties" in 1909, with 21 gorgeous portraits of contemporary beautiful ladies, E. Stetson Crawford contributed with the illustrations to the volume. I have used some of Crawford's illustrations to design a complete line of free printable American Beauties Stationery: For the envelopes I also included a liner… Continue reading American Beauties Stationery

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Customizable French Rose Labels

Does any of you have young girls in your families? If so, you are probably familiar with the constant showering "off the premises"? They need to shower after gym, after practise, when going to the pool... On top of that their backpacks are heavy enough with all the school books, AND my soap and shampoo… Continue reading Customizable French Rose Labels