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2014 WoW Christmas Ornament Swap: Set No 3 & 4

YAY!!! I have now received my first set of ornaments too! They travelled a long, long way, from Dianne in Minnesota, USA to me here in Fjord Norway!

I almost cried when I unwrapped Dianne’s stunning pieces:

Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014

Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014

Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014

Dianne chose to make three similar sets, one for me, one for herself and one for her second swap buddy Iris in New York (state), USA:

Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014

I love them so much, and I’m sure they’ll become treasured heirlooms for me and my family!

The little Christmas fairy is in fact singing to my heart, so much so that I think she is NOT going in the box after Christmas, I need to keep her with me all year! 😀

Dianne has told me quite a lot about creating these ornaments: 

I picked up my tart tins at local thrift shops and garage sales. Living in Minnesota with a large percentage of Norwegian immigrants of old, the tins are plentiful.

Because the tins were shiny and I wanted a rustic look, I “aged” them in a rusting solution I use for metal.

One of the ornaments has chunky pale cold glitter made from pulsing broken vintage glass tree ornaments in a small electric chopper I keep just for this purpose. Knowing I do this, people have begun giving me their broken ornaments!

Tiny dimensional vignettes is one of my favorite things to do in candy tins, so I adapted this to the tart tins.

Finally, the fairy was inspired by the nesting scalloped tins that reminded me of a skirt when put together in reverse. Must credit Cicely Barker and her Christmas fairy!

Thank you for this fun swap. I hope you enjoy your tins!

Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014

Dianne also sent me some “before” pictures when she first started working on her tart tins, these were left in her special solution for about 10 minutes:

Wings of Whimsy: How to rust metal instantly!! With instructions an recipe! #diy #rust #metal #instant #quick #recipe

That really is CRAZY!!! Can you believe it? Only a few minutes in the solution and they look like that? Imagine the possibilities….

I had myself been experimenting with recipes for aging metal but I had not seen anything like the results Dianne had before, so of course I asked her what was the secret… 

I would gladly share my recipe, if I had written it down! I will do some research and see if it can be replicated. Like you I used a slow acting recipe initially. But being impatient, I started adding stuff and pretty soon it was working like crazy. This was a year ago however, and I still have the batch sitting in the garage for whenever needed.

Some of you might remember that I have relatives in Minnesota? Dianne is my highly dedicated field agent in Minnesota, and her research has helped me learn so incredibly much about my relatives, and she has helped me get in touch with several of my cousins that I did not even know about before she started researching! So when Dianne says “research”, she means it!!!

I did a little research and came up with this site that has good info and photos relating to aging metal.

When I tried a similar recipe last year, it did not say to soak the metal in vinegar for a day to etch it. So after a couple of days my metal was only just beginning to age. So I started adding new ingredients. First straight bleach, and then a compound I read about called Root Clear. It’s main ingredient is copper sulfate pentahydrate. Finally I added hydrogen peroxide. Within minutes my metal pieces started aging. I removed them when they looked “old” enough, in 3 to 5 minutes, and let them dry in the sun on a large cardboard.

I kept my solution in a sealed tub and decided to see if it still worked this year. For good measure I added some bleach, a bit more Root Clear, then added Hydrogen Peroxide which caused everything to bubble. It worked!

So if I were to begin anew, I think I would first soak my metal in vinegar and salt to etch it for maybe one day. Then I would add bleach, Root Clear, stir it up, add my metal, and finally a good splash of Hydrogen Peroxide until it bubbles up. Wear acid resistant gloves and a mask, and work out of doors to prevent issues with these corrosive substances.

As in the web site information above, results are mixed depending on the metal. Some of my pieces started turning pink in places from the copper sulphate. Others, primarily aluminum, didn’t age well.

Hope you find this helpful!

So this post is not only presenting the wonderful ornaments Dianne made, with some details on how she made them, it is also presenting TWO new techniques to help create fabulously aged metal and vintage looks to items like these :-D:

  1. How to make chunky glass glitter from broken glas ornaments
  2. How to create and use a rusting solution 

Thank you from the bottom of my fairy heart Dear Dianne for your beautiful ornament gift as well as all the other contributions!

Did you miss out on the planning of this swap? This is what my swappers signed up for back in September:

  • Each swap is for a set of 3 ornaments. Either 1 tart tin swap or 1 cookie cutter swap, swapped with one swap buddy
  • Deadline November 15th to craft your ornaments, take pictures and get the packages ready
  • Send pictures to me of the finished ornaments
  • Alert me when the swapped ornaments arrive at their new home

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7 thoughts on “2014 WoW Christmas Ornament Swap: Set No 3 & 4

  1. Finally found out that I can comment on every post 🙂
    Wonderful tins and these gave me some ideas for the tins I have. Wish we hade some garage sales uphere where I could bye these lovely tins.
    Love Sil

    1. Hello Sweetie 🙂 Where you not allowed to comment on the posts before??? Regardless, I’m very happy to see your comments now 😀 😀 😀 Thank you so much! I’m so extited that the ornament swap is sparking so much inspiration and creativity!! Seeing all the beautiful ornaments everyone made (and I have seen most of them by now!) I am almost speachless. I for one, will be letting all this inspiration just flow over me, and soak in all that I can, adapting all the ideas into my own work, thinking that this is one small step for the individual artist, but a giant leap for the creative hivemind 😀 xoxoxo

  2. WAUW these are absolutely stunning, so I can certainly understand, why you´re so thrilled, I would be too, that´s for sure. Diannes tins are sooo sooo beautiful and sooo amazing, I absolutely LOVE them too. And I´m not sure, I could make myself put them all away after christmas either he he he.
    Stunning and very beautiful work here Dianne, you are one clever bunny for sure, and thanks for the recipees here too ladies, it´ll definitely be a great help later.
    Have a wonderful week-end everyone and lots of great fun too, I hope.

    1. The funny thing is, as you will see tomorrow, that so far Dianne’s ornaments are the ones most simmilar to my own (except the fairy!). I have a pile of brand new tart tins like the ones Sil used soaking in rusting solution right now. I do not have the Root Clear, but I added a little of the strong toilet detergent to my mix of vinegar and chlorine…. it’s not working like crazy, but hopefully it will be more efficient than my older recipes 😛 I will need to start looking around for something containing copper sulfate pentahydrate, although I first have to figure out what that might be in Norwegian tems… lol!

      I wish you a wonderful weekend too, Sweetiepie! xoxoxo

    1. Dear Dobie 🙂 I see these on ebay and amazon for reasonable prizes, but the shipping makes it impossible for me to purchase them from the US. However many of the vendors offer them with free or very reasonable domestic shipping, so I really think you should take a look there if you want a few some time soon 🙂 I’m secretly imagining the little angel is me… ooops, now it’s not so secret anymore… hehehe xoxoxo

  3. Thank you for the kind comments, and to Ms. Gunnvor for tons of inspiration across the miles directly from her studio, and her heart!

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