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Clapsaddle Cherubs – Fröhliche Pfingsten 1905

Although Pentecost is early this year, it is still over a month left. In Norway we celebrate according to the Gregorian Calendar, which means Whit Sunday is on May 19th this year. Only one of the cards I present today have a reference to Pentecost, “Fröhlicher Pfingsten” is German, it translates into “Happy Pentecost”.

These Ellen Clapsaddle cards are very interesting, since they clearly belong to the same set. However they have been issued and used in different European countries. The card with the greeting is sent from Berlin to London. One card is sent in Paris, and one is stamped in Italy, although I can’t make out the town from the handwriting. The last card has not been used, or at least it has not been written on. All in all a very special set of cards! The soft colors resemble the present early evening sunsets here in Western Norway, where the snow is partly gone, the sun sets low with a golden light, but nights are still cold, and we are eagerly awaiting the first signs of green spring!

WingsofWhimsy_NEWWingsofWhimsy_0001_NEW WingsofWhimsy_0002_NEW WingsofWhimsy_0003_NEW

And here is the printable collage sheet with all 4 cards, for those of you that can’t bear the idea of transforming these little darlings into anything else:


Feel free to use these for your personal art and enjoyment 🙂

Love & Light

Gunnvor Karita

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