French Cherubs In Gilded Hearts 1904

I like the contrast in these cards! The rich saturated backgrounds, the soft pastell cherubs, the pretty gilded hearts, and the surrounding flowers. All 3 cards were used in France in 1904, one of which in Paris.

Bonne Année means Happy New Year, and sending cards to greet the new year must have been very popular, judging by the diversity of Victorian and Edwardian New Year’s cards out there. I sometimes think even more popular than sending Chrismas cards… 😛

When collecting cards, I always enjoy trying to complete a set. As far as I have learned, a set like this one always come in even numbers (4-6-8). 12 cards to a set is the largest number I have seen, and could be considered very rare. Most common is 4 or probably 6 cards to a set.

Looking at these 3 cards, I can tell that I am (at least) missing one card with the red background, but there could be another 2 with typically a blue or purple background as well.

WingsofWhimsy_600dpi WingsofWhimsy_0002_600dpiWingsofWhimsy_0001_600dpi

I have worked with the first card in Photoshop, and created a couple of digital elements for you, these files are png (transparent background) and could be used for scrapping or a variety of other purposes:HeartFrame_WingsofWhimsyHeartCherub_WingsofWhimsy

Feel free to use these files for your personal artwork and enjoyment 🙂

Love & Light

Gunnvor Karita

9 thoughts on “French Cherubs In Gilded Hearts 1904

  1. What a nice set of images – very nice of you to provide the files – I am sure the will be perfect for many a creative project! Beautiful work!

      1. I can’t keep track of everything – I miss things sometimes. I like your blog – thanks for the interesting posts.

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