Cherub Teatime – Free Printable

I have a secret! I have developed my very own list of pick-me-ups, to help me revitalize. Coca Cola (the real thing), popcorn and ice cream are all on the list…

Using design as an outlet for my creativity is also on the list! If you see me blogging here a lot, it probably means I’m really busy 😛 If I’m not here much, I’m either not in dire need for stress-relief, or I’m so swamped the red flag should be up!

Oh and guess what, cherub printables are on the list too!! My latest printable combines cherubs with yet another pick-me-up I simply can’t make do without: Teatime!

Wings of Whimsy: Cherub Teatime - Free Printable Tea Bag Wrappers - free for personal use

Wings of Whimsy: Free Printable Cherub Teatime Teabag Wrappers - free for personal useDownload Printable

Other stuff on the list includes editing printables I have downloaded, to cram as much goodies as possible onto each page. I would be the first one to agree it sure l-o-o-k-s good with all that air, but my wallet disagrees, both toner and paper costs money! So I try to consider that with all my designs, to give you (and myself) as little excess paper as possible… 😉

These Cherub Tea Bag Wrappers prints well on plain 80g paper, as cheap as it comes. Just remember to choose Page Scaling: None to get the correct size. I also recommend you choose Print Quality: High, rather than standard.

Wings of Whimsy: Cherub Teatime - Free Printable Tea Bag Wrappers - free for personal use

Judging from my assembly process, pink tools must also be on my list…;-)

These files are free for your personal use and enjoyment.

I have used postcards from the following posts for this design:

All Is Well That Ends Well 1910 – Wings of Whimsy

Love’s Greeting 1912 – Wings of Whimsy





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