Thrifting & Revamping?

I have been thrifting a little this summer:

Wings of Whimsy: Summer Thrift Find

Gilded Vintage Facet Mirror (my friends say to leave it as is… I’m not convinced…)Wings of Whimsy: Summer Thrift Find

Gilded Wall Clock – not sure if I adore it or if I just think it’s a curiosity… the clockwork is broken, but can easily be replaced.Wings of Whimsy: Summer Thrift Find

Silver Plated Milk & Sugar Set
Wings of Whimsy: Summer Thrift Find

Crocheted & Stiffened Doily BowlWings of Whimsy: Summer Thrift Find

Lovely Silver Plated Tray with fitted 3 piece Glas Plate (originally meant for serving meat cuts, I believe) and various old sewing bits

Wings of Whimsy: Summer Thrift FindWings of Whimsy: Summer Thrift Find

Leather Hat Box/Small Suitcase (quite scratched but the overall construction and main leather strap is still good!)Wings of Whimsy: Summer Thrift Find

Retro Deck Chair, original canvasWings of Whimsy: Summer Thrift Find

Various Rusted Vintage KeysWings of Whimsy: Summer Thrift Find

Large Vintage Floral Chart (from a school)

Please let me know what you think of my finds, and any ideas you might have for revamping them! They are all in the “idea” stage atm…lol So any kind of inspiration is most welcome!

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9 thoughts on “Thrifting & Revamping?

  1. Love your finds Gunnvor, especially the keys and the little hatbox. So interested to see what you come up with as I bought a vanity case a bit like that and just use it for display at the minute. I was captivated by the beautiful faux crocodile skin material outside and the black and white striped material inside. Sometimes, an item just speaks to you and you have to have it!

    1. Thank you Sweetie 🙂

      The little hat box is top of my list, I have so many ideas for it… but I’d love to hear more ideas, I usually end up combining several ideas into my own version 😉 I googled around last night, and realized that the shape (with one flat side) is even more unusual than I thought, so I am indeed particularily pleased with that purchase 🙂

      The store where I bought it also has a large trunk (the kind they used when emigrating across the sea), and I’m debating with myself if I should buy it or not…lol!

      I’m going there this afternoon to pick up my new (antique) Studio table, so I’ll have to decide then…:-P xoxoxo

  2. Oh my, what wonderful finds! If you aren’t happy with the gilding on the mirror and the clock, you could age them a bit with a little antiquing stain or brown wood stain? The little suitcase is a treasure! And those keys and vintage flower chart have my heart going pit-a-pat :O) Deb

  3. Hi Gunnvor! Well……… you’ve certainly enjoyed yourself there at the thriftstore! That clock!!!!! Wow!!! And that teaset and the silver plate. So so lovely! Actually all is lovely but the clock is my most favorite. It looks so nice there in your room as well with that little lampshade with the roses on it! That clock would look good in your studio! You could also paint it in a pretty cream or white colour and then sand it a bit to give it an aged look. Great finds!


      1. You’re so clever! Where do you find all this energy, pffff…………. please send me some LOL! You’re so good at this all! Really pretty!

  4. Oh my goodness what amazing things you´ve found here. I´m in totla awe about the mirror, the clock and the silvertray with the teaset is gorgeous too, and ooh that hatbox can also be quite a masterpiece for sure, but they all can. You´ve certainly been finding some real treats here, and they´re all amazing stuff, and I can´t wait to see, what you´ll be doing with them, when you get that far??? But I´m sure, it´ll be goodies, no doubt about that. You´ve really made a great find of treasures here.
    Hope you´ll have a wonderful time sweetie and lots of fun.

    1. It’s almost embarrasing, but I have another pile of thrift finds that I forgot to photograph…lol But they are more textiles and bits and pieces, so not the obvious “projects” if you know what I mean… I am all the time thinking “mixed media” these days, and need to build my stash. I am now on the lookout for vintage metal pieces, but they seem to be hard to come by. I got those rusted keys, but they were really too expensive, so I need to think of other ways to search for those…:-O xoxoxo

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