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DIY Old Book Crafts – No 2 – Embroidered CREATE Garland

Take a look at my second craft with old books:

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Book Crafts No 2 - CREATE Embroidered Garland

CREATE Embroidered Garland

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Book Crafts No 2 - CREATE Embroidered Garland

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Book Crafts No 2 - CREATE Embroidered Garland


  1. Cut out, paint & glitter your bookpages (how to do it HERE).
  2. Trim your pages to the same width.
  3. Measure the width of your pages and put a pencil mark in the middle, at the bottom edge.
  4. Cut the pages into triangles, using your pencil mark and the two top corners to guide you.
  5. (Optional: punch out shapes from the left over book page).
  6. Print out the Letter Template Sheet and cut the 6 letters apart.
  7. Use a needle of something sharp to pierce all the red dots.
  8. Place the letter on top of your book page flag and use a thin colored marker to mark the red dots through the letter template layer onto the flag layer.
  9. Use a needle or something sharp to pierce all the blue dots, through both layers (letter and flag).
  10. The red dots are guidelines to show you the symbols, they should all be covered with an X (one stitch).
  11. Embroider with floss or thin crochet thread.
  12. Feed the flags into the sewing machine to attatch the lace ribbon.
  13. (Optional: feed your punched shapes into the sewing machine too, then tie them onto the ribbon).
  14. Hang and TA-DAH: Vintage Embroidered Creativeness :-).

The embroidery template letters can be used several times, if you have a few extra pages you can make ART too:

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Book Crafts No 2 - CREATE Embroidered Garland

Hang these garlands in your creative space, or gift them to a friend for inspiration 😀

The high quality printable Letter Template Sheet can be found in the download folder below. The file is free for your personal use and enjoyment.

Download Printable

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7 thoughts on “DIY Old Book Crafts – No 2 – Embroidered CREATE Garland

  1. More beauty here huin, and it looks fantastic in your new craftroom here. Can´t wait til you get it all set completely up and get your table home and ready too. I´m sure, it´ll be sooo cool and a really cosy space of joy there then. And with all your decorations skills it´ll look wonderful, I´m sure. Sooo looking forward to see it finished. But I also know all about how much fun, it is in the process to get there and arrange everything and make it fit to ones personal use and taste, that´s almost as fun as using it afterwards, so please enjoy the journey there sweet friend.
    By the way how did it go with the jobinterview you went to before the vacation?? You never told us the result of it?
    Have a wonderful time and lots of fun.

    1. Thank you so much Sweetie 🙂

      I am only sad I did not get to paint my ceiling, the pictures are turning out dark now, since it is all wood in there…:-P But you know the reason for that 😛

      I got my new table yesterday, (there is a picture in the folder if you want to take a peek). I have not finished arranging everything… but hope to be all set by the end of the weekend. Limitless crafting: here I come…lol!

      No luck on the job, They picked one of the other applicants 😦 I have also not found any new jobs to apply for, but I’m hopefull there will be lots of new positions when people start returning to work after the summer 🙂

      Gunnvor Karita

    1. Thank you so much Hunny!

      I am not an avid needle pointer, seamstress or crocheter, but I appreciate some basic techniques and try to utilize them for some interest and hand made touches. Paper is my main medium…lol

      I also try to share projects that are easy enough for anyone to copy, regardless of skills. Hopefully someone will be inspired to try one of my ideas, or apply it in their own work 😀 xoxoxo

  2. Thank you dear fairy Gunnvor for sending this to me as a gift. I’m still shy from it. I always become shy when something handmade was given to me lol! It looks so pretty in my craftroom and I will cherish it forever! You got me inspired for sure! It’s so unique! Keep up this wonderful works of art!!

    1. Dearest Ingeborg!
      Please know that this particular garland was designed especially for you! I’m very happy that you like it, and would never ever ask you to keep it “forever” 😛 Keep it as long as it gives you inspiration, and looks good…lol After that you can keep the memory in your heart 😉 xoxoxo

      1. You know by now how stubborn I am so I will keep it forever LOL. It’s hanging in my craftroom now! And it IS very inspiring and i’m enjoying it so much!

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