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2014 WoW Christmas Ornament Swap: Set No 10 of 16

Here is the last set I swapped, another batch of tart tin ornaments, made by me for Iris in New York State, USA:

Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014 Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014 I will again write a little about each ornament, to share how I made them:Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014The round ornament is the result of me working on a theme. I cut a circle from a vintage book page, where I had printed a vintage floral pattern on top. The circle was glued to the bottom of the tin. I then glued a bottle cap and the cameo. The cameo was dipped in gold glitter around the edge. I also glued a little silver tinsel wreath to the bottom of the tin. The ornament is hung with pink glittered thread, and I tied a couple of pieces of ric rac to it too. Hanging from the tart tin is one of my short paper ribbons, pierced by a needle. The needle attaches a small charm mirror and a tiny monogram with the initials VT. This is one of a handful genuine monograms I purchased online, they are from the early 19oos. Monograms like these were often used on handkerchiefs.

The back of this ornament holds another little surprise, a stocking clip (I have no idea what they are called in English…) My clip looks brand new, but it is actually from the 60ies. The local thrift store received a box of unopened packages of these from the stock of a local manufacturer which has been out of business for several decades. The box had been stored in someone’s basement (former employee?) and I purchased my sets at approximately the same price they were originally listed for… = next to nothing! I remember my grandmother wore these, and would sometimes replace them on her garter belts. (Nothing small and sexy like we tend to vision when talking about garter belts today, hers were big things, covering both her bum and her belly…lol!) The theme of the ornament is female beauty 🙂 Out of all the tart tin ornaments I have made so far, this was both my daughters’ favorite ornament… 😛

Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014

My second ornament in this set utilizes one of my Teacup cherubs. The inside of the tin itself was first treated with clear embossing ink, Ranger’s Vegas Gold embossing powder, grilled with my embossing gun. I punched holes in the top and bottom of the tin. I then tied some pretty pink organza ribbon through the top hole, together with my pink glittered thread again. Another bottle cap was glued to the bottom of the tart tin, and my teacup cherub, heavily dusted with glitter attached on top of that.

From the bottom, I hung a teapot charm together with some pretty pink beads. I used another two of my short ribbon tags glued to the back of the ornament, to create a bow effect.

Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014

The last ornament features a Frozen Charlotte from ca 1890. Mine was excavated in Limbach, Germany, on the grounds of an old doll factory. I purchased a few of these dolls from a German vendor on ebay. I plan to use them for more tart tins, and mixed media projects I have in progress. I think they are amazingly beautiful, and chose to adorn this Frozen Charlotte with fairy wings cut from the same vintage book page I used for the first ornament. I also gave her a vintage rhinestone crown/halo. Suspended from this ornament is a glass prism where I decoupaged a piece of the Boston Toy Emporium graphics to the back of the large prism. The tart tin itself was again gold embossed on the inside (like the second ornament) and painted roughly with diluted Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint on the outside, to create a white-washed look.

Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014

The edges and the back of the graphics were inked with a dark brown ink, and the year 2014 was written on each ornament with gold embossing.

I hope Iris is happy with my ornaments, and all the other ornaments she has received. Unfortunately she has been ill the last few weeks, and the shipping of all her outgoing ornaments have been delayed. She also has not been able to write me very much about the ornaments she received. I do know that she received ALL the ornaments we all sent to her 🙂

Iris: when you read this and feel better, I’d love to hear if you like the ornaments you received. I know both I and the other ladies would love to know what you think of our little pieces of hand made art 😉

If you have not already downloaded copies of my Ribbon Tags and The Tea Cup Cherubs, click on the images below to see the original posts and download them: 

Wings of Whimsy: Tea Cup Cherubs #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #tea

Wings of Whimsy: Short Ribbon Tags #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable  #tags

Did you miss out on the planning of this swap? This is what my swappers signed up for back in September:

  • Each swap is for a set of 3 ornaments. Either 1 tart tin swap or 1 cookie cutter swap, swapped with one swap buddy
  • Deadline November 15th to craft your ornaments, take pictures and get the packages ready
  • Send pictures to me of the finished ornaments
  • Alert me when the swapped ornaments arrive at their new home

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I used graphics from the following source for these designs:

Boston Toy Emporium No 2 – The Graphics Fairy

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11 thoughts on “2014 WoW Christmas Ornament Swap: Set No 10 of 16

  1. Oh my goodness, these are soooooooo beautiful hun, I absolutely love them all. Sooo gorgeous work and such intelligent use of these old tins here. They are decorated sooo beautiful and looks amazing.
    Sorry I haven´t been much on here the last couple of days, but I have read your posts and seen all the gorgeous stuff, that you´ve shared with us here, and it´s all just awesome. Boy I wish, I had your energy to get more things done too, but hopefully I will later one, when I´ve finished some of all my obligations here too.
    Have a wonderful night sweet lady and lots of great fun to you and everyone else inhere.

    1. Haha, what energy? Most of what I’m showing you guys now was made 1-2 months ago…lol Atm I making the Christmas gifts, and I will not be sharing those here, since several of the peeps who can be expecting gifts are sometimes looking in here on WoW…;-)

      Alltough there will STILL be mainly cash, ya hear, all of you! 😉 A few little extra treats might mysteriously appear too…lol!

      I wish you a wonderful night too Sweetie, and please remind me what was the deadline of the written report you wanted from me? Am I too late already…??? :-O xoxoxo

      1. No no please don´t worry about that at all, there is NO deadline, and it wount get on until earliest January anyway, as we are filled up the rest of December, and we have ofcause more on all the time, so we don´t need to rush anyone in anything, so you just relax and do it, when you have the spare time to do so, so no panic at all okay?

      2. Oh phew! I am very relieved to hear that…lol If I push it forward to the Christmas days, will that still be ok? If not I w-i-l-l make room for it this weekend! I am almost done with my gifts, I have a new dress and accessories, so all I need to do is clean up and clean the house… and maybe decorate some more…lol! (To tell you the truth I have not decorated as abundantly as I normally do this year, since I’ve been working so much…) But the boxes are in the closet, waiting for me to dive in…lol I figured since we are going to my sisters house for the celebration, and I’ll be here alone for New Year’s, I might go easy on the decorations, basically that means putting up mostly things I made myself, nothing of the store bought stuff…:-P

      3. Don´t you worry at all, if I just get it first in the new year, everything will be just fine, so you just take your time to spend the time with your girls here for christmas and then you can do this later, when you´re on your own. As I said before, we wount use it until later in January anyway, as we have these weeks filled all up with all outt christmascalendar and that, so there´s plenty of time.
        I´m just finishing a few cards of here, that needs to go to the postoffice tomorrow morning, but after that I´ll get back to you, I promisse okay.

    1. Thank you Hunny 🙂 I have tried to use some genuine vintage items with my ornaments, and enjoyed sharing their little stories with everyone. But there is no need to include real vintage pieces for these ornaments to have a vintage appearance, as you have all shown so impressively 😀 Did you check your mailbox today? xoxoxo

  2. Oh Gunnvor, how I really love these beauties! My favourite has to be the round one with the cameo and I was delighted to see the genuine suspender (as we call them here in the UK) on the back and read the story about them. I’m sure Iris will be absolutely thrilled with them. Margie x

    1. Thank you Dear! I thought suspenders were the whole thing (mostly) men would wear, and that the grip/clip had a specific name… but that is probably just how it’s done in Norwegian 😛 xoxoxo

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