DIY Garden Furniture Cushion Covers

Did you notice the “grain sack” cushions with my revamped garden furniture from yesterdays post?

DIY Garden Furniture Pillow CoversIt is the original cushions with new fabric covers!

DIY Garden Furniture Pillow Covers

I measured my cushions’ height, length and thickness, and cut a piece of fabric to sew a “bag” for the cushion.

DIY Garden Furniture Pillow CoversThe bag is 25cm longer than the cushion:

DIY Garden Furniture Pillow CoversI hemmed the bottom side and then sewed the bag together inside-out. My cushions have rounded corners, so I sewed my top corners rounded, and cut off the excess fabric, to allow for a better fit:

DIY Garden Furniture Pillow CoversThen simply tuck your cushion inside, and fold the extra bottom fabric in, underneath the cushion, inside the bag:

DIY Garden Furniture Pillow CoversI came up with this way of closing fabric around a cushion after seeing it on French duvet covers. It is almost an envelope closure, but not quite, since all the fabric is still loose. But I have used this closure for garden furniture cushions before, and trust me it holds up fine! No need to struggle with a zipper, or a button closure 😀

Just imagine the options for your garden furniture cushions! And you can buy any ugly old garden furniture cushion at the thrift store and easily revamp it to match your style and taste 🙂 YAY for frugal alternatives!

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3 thoughts on “DIY Garden Furniture Cushion Covers

  1. Such a beautiful result here, and a great idea if our cushions are getting a bit worn out, but would also be a great idea, if we´ve got some new ones, that we would like to keep nice, and have small todlers, who´s not always able to avoid from spilling at the table when eating, then it´s much easier to just remove this and wash it and you have a nice and clean cushion again.
    Thanks again for always sharing all your great ideas here with all of us.
    Have a wonderful day and lots of more fun too, I hope.

    1. Thank you Darling 🙂 yes don’t we know all about the toddlers…lol That is how my original pillows got worn and ugly in the first place…:-P And of course the colors are not going well with my style either, I can’t believe I chose those in the first place, since I have been doing my red&white regime for at least 15 years! I must have been half unconscious or the price for the set was too good in comparison with others…lol xoxoxo

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