Victorian Male Locomotion 1887 – Animated GIF file

I found another awesome treasure on Boston Public Libraries on Flickr! Photographer Eadweard Muybridge was studying animal (human) locomotion at the turn of the century, and the photoraphic plates are made available to the public.

Wings of Whimsy: Victorian Male Locomotion 1887 - animated GIF file - free for personal use

The resolution is not very high, each individual image is only a couple of centimeters high. But I have enlarged them, and turned them into an animated GIF file. I love to see an over 100 years old person come alive again, it is a little piece of the Victorian era captured forever! Don’t you agree?

I have made some GIF files before, but never before with vintage images like these. I was reminded of this skill when I found the blog of Vintage 3D images. These are some of the wonderful 3D animations he has created of vintage stereoscope images – 2 images taken simultaneously with 2 different cameras, meant originally to be viewed in special stereoscopes, thus they appeared to be 3D:

Vintage 3D
Vintage 3D
Vintage 3D
Vintage 3D
Vintage 3D
Vintage 3D
Vintage 3D
Vintage 3D

Do check out Vintage 3D and if you like GIF files, there are loads more to enjoy on his blog, and I might make more as well, now that I have discovered a new purpose for making stills into animated magic 😀

The gorgeous frame for my vintage male specimen is from Leaping Frog Designs, and is the altered front cover of a book printed in 1895 🙂

My Walking Male is free for your personal use and enjoyment!


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