French Book Cover Fold & Mail Stationery

I found such a gorgeous 1885 French Book Cover on Vintage Ephemera! Look at the wonderful typography, the soft colors, those little butterflies and pretty pink flowers. I can’t determine what flowers they are, please help if you think you know?

And it had just enough room for writing an address, I simply had to use it for another Fold & Mail Stationery:

Wings of Whimsy: French Book Cover Fold & Mail Stationery #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #stationery

Print on plain 80g paper, and write your letter on the back, before you fold and mail it 🙂

How about enclosing some freshly pressed flowers of your own with this letter? Ah, it makes my dreams flutter to summery Red Clovers or Sweet Pea flowers… 🙂

This file is free for your personal use and enjoyment. Go to the download folder below to grab your high quality copy:

Download Printable

I have used the following source for this design:

French Book Cover – Vintage Ephemera

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27 thoughts on “French Book Cover Fold & Mail Stationery

    1. Thank you for commenting Dear 🙂 We have lots of Foxgloves in Norway, and it does not look like those… the bells and top heavy cluster of flowers is wrong, and also the greenery…:-O

      1. Yes, I think some of the other comments are right – they could be hollyhocks! Beautiful anyway. Love, Margie x

      2. I want a cottage garden now, with these flowers 🙂 I found them here in Norway, but I think they are not very common. I’m not sure they’d make it in our rough climate though, but it’s worth a try 🙂

      3. I think Hollyhocks would probably do pretty well there, they are very carefree and need only some sun and water, and they grow like weeds here in Colorado if you let them! Our winters are pretty harsh and last well into the spring.

      4. YAY, If they can be grown in Colorado, there is a chance they can make it here too 🙂 Will definitely get seeds for them to plant in the fall 🙂 (I saw on a gardeners blog that was recommended for easy growing). Might plant another batch of seeds indoor in the spring too, just to make sure…lol! Only pity is they are not flowering until the second year… but after that I can keep sowing new seeds each year and have flowers every year 😀 xoxoxo

  1. Actually, the flowers look more like hollyhocks to me. Thanks for this beautiful printable. I love the idea of the fold and mail stationary! And a belated “you rock” for all you’re doing will your education!

  2. So beautiful as always Gunnvor, and perfect for mailing, and who wouldn´t love to get a letter like this in your mailbox? I´m pretty sure anybody would love that. Thanks sooo much for sharing all these beauties always.
    How are you doing now hun? Finished sleeping yet? ha ha ha I hope, both you and the girls has been able to enjoy a lot of time outside relaxing and having fun and time to just enjoy things. I know, how burnt out we can feel after such a loong time with soo much going on, that it can be hard to get it to sink in, when it´s finally over again.

    1. Hello Sweetie 🙂 I’d be thrilled to get any letter in the mail, it only happens a couple of times per year nowadays…lol But of course if there is also an handmade envelope, it makes it all the more special 😀

      I think I’ve managed to catch up on some sleep, have been feeling more energetic this week 🙂 And I’m slowly catching up on the loooong “to do” list, so getting closer every day to starting the FUN projects…:-D Big hugs to you! 😀

    1. I’m also voting for the Hollyhocks, although I don’t think I have seen any for real…:-) What is hollydollies? Would it be similar to flower wreaths…? xoxoxo

      1. Holly dollies are made with a plucked blooming flower and a bud. The bloom is turned upside down for the dolly’s dress, and you poke a small hole in the bottom of the bud to slide the flower stem in so the bud becomes the head! Nothing that can last, just a fun thing to do with the kids on a sunny day in the yard. I f you google images of hollyhock dolls you’ll see how very cute they are! :O)

  3. The flowers are Foxgloves

    Thanks this is beautiful

    Ros Sydney Australia

    Sent from Ros H iPad


    1. Thanks for commenting dear Ros 🙂 I’m not ruling out Foxgloves completely, there could other types than the ones we have in Norway… take a look at the picture I found of Hollyhock, what do you think of that?

  4. Hi Gunnvor ~ I love this old book cover image and what you’ve done with it! I’m certain the flowers in the image are old-fashioned hollyhocks and not foxglove. I have hollyhocks growing in my garden and love them 🙂 Foxglove looks more like bells hanging down from the tall stem. They’re both lovely old-fashioned flowers perfect for a cottage garden.

    1. Thank you commenting dear Megan 🙂 I’m sure your garden is wonderful, I hope to start a small cottage garden too, maybe next year…:-) First I have plans to create a real studio of my old bedroom 😀 Ah, the joys of not having exams lurking anymore…lol! xoxoxo

      Note to self: google if hollyhocks can be found in Norway! 🙂

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